MS Japanese market

From this link I got do u guys and gals think of what he says about MS continuing failing the Japanese market all of ur guys and gals take?

I think it’s a good report, but nowhere does he say it’s continuing to fail. I think Game Pass capability on all devices is the future for Xbox especially with Handheld gaming now taking off and now with the Apple iPhone15 pro Apple will be officially a platform form upcoming games and you know Samsung will be working on their version for both phones and maybe even TVs.

The title of the video where it says continue to fail and such like if Xbox not doing well in Japan or something

I get the title is misleading, but it seems it was more geared to do a follow up to CNBC’s report on the matter. Definitely click bait.

Hmmm go figure since I barley saw anything about MS barely getting a foot hold in Japan .

I don’t see any major effort being worth it for them. Over saturated market that is already dominated by companies that manufacture their consoles within Japan.

Video doesn’t really answer it’s own “question” lol. There isn’t much to say about Xbox’s position there though. Historically MS first party stuff doesn’t appeal to the region (besides Minecraft which is one of the biggest games there) or somewhat Forza, and the console is routinely exclusively skipped on games from the region. Xbox sections in stores often are just a small shelf in the corner or outright don’t exist. MS was indeed getting somewhat somewhere with the 360 but then ejected themselves from the region for basically 10 years which IMO probably did irreversible damage.

I saw most of MS’s recent “Japan efforts” as good but ultimately kind of performative if we’re talking about that region specifically. Let’s all be honest, those TGS streams that are just mostly several year old games that previously skipped now getting ported is doing nothing for them over there.

However, what shocked me was MS hiring for that Head of Xbox Japan position. The one where they are looking for a leader who will make all the decisions and responsibilities for there with no intervention from Xbox US. That’s the first time since 360 to me that I see them actually doing a major effort for there.

I don’t really know what that position can even do to change perspective on Xbox there, but it will be really interesting to watch once they get the hire for it. It’s also going to be a decades long battle and it’s important for MS to stress that they aren’t going to just abandon ship once again.


I’ve said it before, but market share probably isn’t and shouldn’t be their goal in Japan (or Asia in general). It’s about access to the people creating content for your platform, ensuring games don’t skip and adding diversity so players from around the world all have something that appeals to them. It’s about leveraging it to benefit them in other markets more so than carving a larger piece of a very small and shrinking pie.

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I completely agree, the other thing is Japan is so very conservative. As far as i can tell xbox and seem to be quite progressive. Not that there is anything wrong with either. It just seems at odds.

I agree getting a footing in Japan is a long fight however I do think with Game Pass things can move much faster as long as they aren’t relying on the consoles. Apple unveiled the iPhone 15 pro today which will be capable of playing current gen games natively with raytracing, this is certainly going to benefit subscriptions like Game Pass when phones are able to natively play current gen games without having to stream it.

It really is simple their games don’t appeal to the Japanese audience and marketing.