MS Is going to have an X020

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It sounds plausible

Sounds very likely. Probably not worth believing for the same. It’s too safe IMO

If they do, it’ll be digital. Doubt we see a big live show this year.

While this “leak” most likely isn’t true I could totally see an all digital XO20 event as their launch event. They could easily spend that time to announce new XGS games plus third party. Hell I’m sure there are a lot more game pass announcements they have yet to announce. I mean last XO there was an absolute crap ton of game pass games announced so this year should be the same.

I predict these XGS games being announced if there was an X020:

-The Initiative’s “perfect dark” game

-Double Fine’s New IP (it would be a smaller project)

-Compulsion’s Third Person New IP

-One new game announced from XGS Publishing

-While I think it would be too early, if Bethesda showed up in any way it would be another short teaser for Starfield (maybe announcing its an Xbox (console, pc, mobile) exclusive) and maybe an announcement from either Arkane Austin, Zenimax Online, or Machine games.

(Maybe I’m putting too much thought into this lol)


I definitely expect Arkane Austin and Starfield to be revealed by the end of Q3 next year


Is it too early to hope for a Halo Infinite beta?

So they combine Xbox Fanfest, XO2020 and the launch party into one big digital event? Sounds neat


I would think so yeah, if release is May/June then might get one in March.

Its a smart move if its true, one day before the launch.

Would be proper hype.

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I wouldn’t expect anything from Bethesda (except Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo) as the deal is still being finalized and going through all the legal mumbo jumbo.

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Hopefully we’ll get to see The Initiative’s game before the end of the year, Booty said we would, but that was pre-Covid so who knows. Phil Spencer and Drew Murray’s daughter both played the game so it’s in playable state already.

It wouldn’t suprise me if they signed a deal for timed Starfield and Wolfenstein 3 as a contingency plan if the deal closes late.

Timed Starfield and Wolf3? Not sure what you mean.

They would sign a deal that Wolfenstein 3 and Starfield could be released as full or timed exclusives if the deal reneges or takes longer. For example, the deal is expected to close in Q2 2021 and Wolfenstein out in the first half of Q3. If the deal actually closes in Q4, they can still market Wolfenstein 3 as an Xbox exclusive even though they don’t own Bethesda. If the deal falls through, Bethesda can release it on PS5.

Basically just a contingency in case the deal takes longer to close.

Aaaah I see what you mean now. With the deal you mean MS acquiring Zenimax. Yeah technically Bethesda isn’t a MS company just yet. So until that is 100% done Bethesda can still do whatever they want huh? Interesting.

But we did hear Todd Howard say that it’s up to MS/Spencer to decide where these games go to, something closely along those lines.

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Yeah, things are technically business as usual at Zenimax except for the confines of the deal iirc. So, while Xbox will hnour their contracts for Deathloop and Ghostwire, Zenimax can’t enter a new one with Sony making, say Deathloop exclusive now that they’ve agreed to the terms.

I can’t stress enough how goddamned glad I am that the Starfield deal didn’t happen. I wonder if BGS just said no or that it wasn’t agreed upon just yet. Either way, good! I want to play that motherfucker day one on the Tower of Power. :wink:


That’s a good point but I really don’t think you have anything to worry about in regards to the deal going through; at this stage in the game, they wouldn’t have announced it had it not been a certainty after clearing with legal, Todd negotiations, etc.

We have to remember that this was the same with Obsidian, InXile, and all the other studios they’ve acquired over the past few years. They’ve always announced before the final seal was given, but they would never announce it if there were still a potential hurdle to overcome as it would be far too much of an embarrassment to do so and have the deal fall through. I’m more than willing to bet the deals that fell through for one reason or another, for which I’d wager there have been a handful, we’ve never heard about because the certainty wasn’t there. Obviously, NDAs are involved but I mean to imply that Microsoft, just like Sony, or anyone else wouldn’t announce the deal with such fanfare and confidence if there was a shadow of a doubt that it would fall through.


Yep well said. I don’t think I need to add anything more lol.