MS Denies The Xbox Release of POSTAL Redux. Switch and Playstation allowed it. What Gives, MS?


Say whatever you will about the devs (and denying the release of a game because you disagree with the dev on something unrelated to the game should never be a thing), but between this and Xbox denying the release of Gal Gun Returns, I’m really not enjoying MS seemingly taking the “censor heavy” approach like Playstation has been doing (and is actually worse this time, considering PS allowed it.) They’re denying Xbox releases of games that the other, more popular platforms are getting over… what exactly? I just don’t see how denying Xbox releases of “controversial” games helps the platform in any way, especially when other platforms do allow them. I also don’t even understand this one, considering Gears is way more violent.

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Microsoft seems to want to curry favor with Nintendo fans. So not allowing games like this into the XBox store would be part of that strategy. They want those Animal Crossing bux.

But is it allowed on Stadia?

What is the game rated?

M. Even on Steam (which allows AO games). It released on Switch and Playstation just fine with the M rating too.

Whilst I’m not sure why this would be denied I dont think you can really compare it to GalGun, a game about seeing school girls in their underwear.

Well to play devi’s advocate for a second here, the first Postal is about killing enough innocent civilians to proceed to the next level (though some levels are exclusively police/army firing at you, I suppose). I’m just saying that if a game is only rated M, there shouldn’t really be any reason to deny it. I doubt anything bad would have come out of Xbox allowing that game, there was no controversy over Nintendo (of all companies) allowing it on Switch.

Odd. If it was AO I would get it. Is the game really that violent?

You shove a shotgun up a cats arse and use it as a silencer whilst setting homeless people on fire and extinguishing it by pissing on them :man_shrugging:


Is this real?

I’m done.

They’re weird games. I remember the “whatchu talkin bout Willis” guy was parodied in the second one and that whole level was just weird as fuck. You also had a level where you killed a lot of people protesting violent games at the devs in game studio.

Maybe someone at Xbox doesn’t like that the devs are gamergaters.

Ah. Yeah, I can get not wanting that on your platform. That’s a tricky one. I mean, it is just fantasy but(t) it could be considered bad taste. Idk what the right answer is.

…No. If MS was really denying games over devs acting controversial I doubt they would have put Kingdom Come Deliverance on Game Pass.

Well there’s your answer, OP.

So apparently that’s okay for Playstation, Switch, and PC, but is going too far for Xbox :thinking:?

Is the game buggy at all? Could have failed certification.

If playstation switch and PC jumped off a cliff should XBox?

If MS have decided not to allow a game onto their store for whatever reason then thats their business why should they do something just because another company does. Should MS charge more for games cause PS does, should they charge full price for what is essentially ROMs of old games just because Nintendo does?