MS announce AI and Gaming Research Summit - Phil Spencer & Kareem Choudhry attending

^^^ No, its not E3.


I’m expecting a developer conference talk about how to incorporate cloud gaming into game development and using cloud as a platform to distributing games. Maybe an annoucment of TV, browers or IOS getting xcloud.


Is is very targeted audience event for actual developers. It’s hosted on Teams, which has a limit of 20K attendees for Live events. This is not a consumer event.

I am surprised at the degree in wrongful reporting of it.


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Thanks for the information @TheRayTracer


You might be the forum’s eyes and ears. Ya should update this thread live when it happens and they drop new info. :smiley:


Just in case people are curious about what they will be talking about and who the guest speakers are I have attached images of the event program

Day 1

Day 2

I think Dr Peter Lee is going to announce that microsoft has started or is going to start a game technology research group headed up by Dr Chris Bishop, thats my bet


Man it’s sad to see Bleeding Edge die but glad to see something innovative came about from it at least.

I think this could be very interesting. More than the average gamer realizes. ML isn’t just about upscaling resolution. ML and AI advancements will have a significant impact on overall game development, innovation and game design.


Deal :smiley:

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Just saw this and thought ya might find it interesting. It discusses computer hardware and ML and goes into more detail to back up what I noted about integer vs FP compute for ML.


Thanks, this was interesting especially the analog angle.

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So are we expected to see Starfield?

just joking.

This was noted on B3D the other day. DLSS uses INT8.



Digital foundry has different opinion on this.

Maybe it is the DLSS 2.0 which is using int 8? And DLSS 1.0 could have been fp16 dependent.

No they agree it is using INT8. Turing’s architecture specifically introduced INT compute for DLSS as research was shifting towards INT as being the smarter choice:

its live

Phil had the introductory motivation speech. Nothing new for us in there.

right now they show show some examples where AI or machine learning is used in Xbox

  • Personalizer in the Xbox Store
  • automatic tuning the Matchmaking in Halo 5 and Gears (i think they already had tracks about that last year at the Game Stack event)
  • Mahjong-AI

and some stuff for the future

  • creating tools for more healthy online communities
  • use AI reinforcment learning agents and tools for co-creating games (like in Flight Simulator)
  • how to make AI and machine learning more friendly for game designers and creators

Thanks for the updates, not seen anyone else cover what’s being said.

Is the lecture about BE already up?

At the end of the frame (as expected) also kinda lessens the drawbacks of sharing execution time with the CUs. Since the tensor cores stays underutilized until the frame is finished, and the grunt of work on the next frame won’t start until after the upscaling is done too.