Movies and TV projects based on Xbox franchises (Fallout coming in 2024)

(up to 3 choices possible)
  • Call of Duty
  • The Elder Scrolls
  • Starfield
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Spyro
  • The Outer Worlds
  • Perfect Dark
  • Wolfenstein
  • Dishonored
  • State of Decay
  • Grounded
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Viva Pinata
  • Ori
  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • Overwatch
  • Diablo
  • Other
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Current projects:

  • Halo TV series (Paramount+) (Season 2 started filming on August 15)

  • Fallout TV series (Amazon Prime Video / Kilter Films) (coming in 2024)

  • Grounded TV series (Kidscreen / Mipcom)

  • Minecraft movie (Warner Bros) (releasing on April 4, 2025 in theaters)

  • Gears of War live-action movie + adult animated series (Netflix)

(Universal Studios movie seems canceled as a result)

Cancelled or dormant projects:

Call of Duty movie [annonced in 2015, put on hold and no longer a priority for Activision since 2020]

In 2015, Activision announced the creation of a cinematic universe based on the Call of Duty franchise with a first film projected to be released in 2018 or 2019 and directed by Stefano Sollima. In 2018, it was announced a sequel was already planned with the script of which will be written by Joe Robert Cole.

During a recent interview with Italian movie website Badtaste, director and writer Stefano Sollima stated that the Call of Duty movie is currently on hold. While Sollima wrote a script with Scott Silver ( Joker ), the Call of Duty movie is no longer a priority for Activision. Sollima also followed by stating that the project is “in limbo.”

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There was also this but assume it was fake and the alleged footage fan-made as it has never been confirmed or corroborated. Although it looked excellent.

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Psychonauts 3D animated series similar to game cutscenes

Overwatch animated series. Arcane style or more preferably full-on 3D CGI like the animated shorts & trailers but that’s probably too much for a series.


I want to see some good adaptation of anything to be honest

Voted for The Outer Worlds, Wolfenstein, and The Elder Scrolls.

If I only had one vote, I would’ve definitely voted for The Outer Worlds. One of my favourite TV shows of all time is Firefly, and the Firefly DNA is very evident in The Outer Worlds. So I’d very much welcome another kick at that can, even though it’d obviously only be a spiritual successor. I do think a show in the OW universe could be equally special.

If I had only two votes, my second vote would’ve gone to Wolfenstein. I think a supernatural World War II TV show could really work, and there’s definitely an audience for a genre crossover like that. It’s true that we kinda, sorta, already got a Wolfenstein movie in the guise of Overlord, so we know the concept can translate to film. I’m putting the title of that movie in spoiler tags, as it’s not entirely evident that that’s what you’re in for when you first hit Play on that flick. And I know, there’s nothing about that movie that’s officially related to Wolfenstein. I’m not even aware the filmmakers have acknowledged any similarities, but as far as I’m concerned they could’ve basically paid a licensing fee to iD for the name and changed nothing but the title, and no one would’ve been particularly upset at that movie having the Wolfenstein branding.

And my third vote went to The Elder Scrolls. If only because that’s probably my favourite gaming franchise of all time, so I’d be real curious to see what they’d cook up. I envision something Game of Thrones-esque. Could be cool.


Would’ve included Elder Scrolls in my votes but I’m pretty sure Netflix already has the rights for a TV show of it.

I think The Outer Worlds would offer a lot of freedom to have something cool without being too costly in terms of budget (there aren’t space battles with explosions, huge sci-fi cities, alien characters like in Halo or things like that).

I think a TV series would greatly help increase awareness about the IP if done well. It could have a very pleasing aesthetic.

I voted Wolfenstein too because I believe there is great potential for another dystopian alternate World War 2 TV Show after The Man in the High Castle. Even if the franchise is dormant on the gaming side and a little niche too. And the supernatural/dark/mystic elements from Wolfenstein + the crazyness (the Moon, Venus…) could make it unique. I’m not sure how I would envision it and what timeline would be the most interesting (1946 during the war, the 1960s, or even 1980 like in Youngblood) but I think that would have potential with the right tone.

I wanted to include Psychonauts but to be honest, I think the IP remains too niche and “strange”. I don’t think they would take the risk to make something cross-media about Psychonauts.

I remember it but I believe the source was not reliable (and Todd said that they weren’t doing this at the moment).

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I think that a Starfield show has a high likehood to happen at some point, maybe more than The Elder Scrolls, as Todd said this last year about Starfield (during an interview to The Washington Post):

“It’s a great world to put a show in,” Howard said. "We took a good decade on ‘Fallout’, looking, listening to lots of takes and pitches. I think it’s about finding the right creative team. A lot of people want to do ‘The Elder Scrolls’ as well, but that’s not something we’re doing right now.”

My choices all ended up to be Bethesda… TES, Starfield and Dishonored.

The Outer Worlds would work as a cartoon maybe.

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The best thing about MS not having a horse in the race for TV and movies is they can go to the best studios to bring their IP to movies and TV without having to prioritise their own thing. We could get an Ori cartoon/anime on Netflix, Gears movie from WB, The Outer Worlds show on adult swim and so on.

FWIW, We Happy Few is getting a movie as well.

A Dishonored movie or TV show would be great. Doesn’t even have to follow the story or characters. The world alone is just so cool.

BTW, the Uncharted movie was kinda lame IMO so it shows not everything makes the jump to screen well, even when it seems like a no brainer.

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I know the game wasn’t popular but I think people enjoyed the cutscenes more than the actual game. A Battletoads cartoon with the same tone as the last game would probably do pretty good.


I also think that the Dishonored universe would be excellent for a movie or TV show. I tried to get every piece of lore when playing the games and it’s fascinating. Retro-future-industrial, 17th century England, dirty, modern Orwellian dystopian, anachronistic technology, political intrigues… So much potential in terms of atmosphere.

I hesitated to include it but as Psychonauts I thought that the IP is just too niche to warrant a cartoon. It would work super well but basically I think it has nearly 0 chance of happening.

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Walton Goggins is set as a lead in Fallout , Prime Video’s series adaptation of the bestselling game franchise, which comes from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s Kilter Films, with Nolan set to direct the premiere.

Details about Goggins’ character are not revealed but he is believed to be playing Ghoul. In Fallout, ghouls are mutated humans who experienced prolong radiation exposure amid the Great War.


Not thrilled about that. They keep that stuff quiet and left to the imagination for a reason.

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Don’t bother me personally. The Mandalorian did this too. Depends of the execution and the moment of the reveal too.

Well, Mando doing it had far more important narrative reasons, and him not taking it off is referenced by the characters regularly throughout the show, so when he does do it, it’s for very strong reasons. This specific dogma part of his creed “The Way” informs Din and is shattered when he encounters the other Mandos in S2 who just willy nilly remove their helmets with no care whatsoever. In Mando’s case, his helmet thing is core to his identity from the start, and he only removes it in the show in cases where he has to, for staying alive or keeping someone else alive. And that is why it hits like a goddamn truck when he removes it for Grogu at the end so that Grogu can actually see and touch his face. The reason wasn’t mortality, but love and departure. It’s specifically done to portray the growth in Din, and the dissolution of his dogmas in favor of what’s more important to him, and having to say goodbye to Grogu.

I see none of this sort of narrative importance placed on Masterchief’s lack of face reveal in the history of the franchise at least from what I know. Even if there was, there’s no signs of the very narrative in the show becoming about him outgrowing that “no face reveal” code because that’s not really a thing that MC follows. MC is shown to take the helmet off in cinematics, but he face isn’t shown. That’s a directorial decision, not a narrative one like Mando.

We’ve gotten the child face, sections of the adult face but never the whole thing. Oh well, as you mentioned it depends on the execution. I just hope they handle that right. But just way too many weird ass decisions in this show fr.

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I wonder Halo will be another series that game fans try an “take hostage”, what am I saying, of course it will.

I’m watching The Americans right now and a Perfect Dark series in that same tone would be pretty dope.