Mortal Shell Impressions: Dark Souls, Condensed - XboxEra

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This game looks pretty cool! :smiley:

Was watching few reviews and they mentioned that it is a bit ‘easier’ than souls games which makes me want to try it.

Also hoping this would come to game pass at some point

Dark Souls games are not that hard. You can always grind some level and shards to upgrade your equipment. Just take your time and be patient.

Hi there,

bought it on friday for PC (2080 ti/8700k/16Go), finished it yesterday with Eredrin Shell, and I can say I had a blast all along, but I watched a video from Exserv (famous french souls guy) before starting and it helped me a lot!

I loved everything from setting to gameplay and exploration, for a 1st try in the genre, it is very good imo

My only complaint is that it’s just too short, I wanted more, I started NG+ with Harros

Armor design is fantastic

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why is this game so bland and unfinished… it got so much praise and i was kinda excited but after seeing some videos i am shocked.

like they try to literally copy Souls from the menus to the style and fail miserably… aimed at Souls and hitted Lords of the Fallen.