More Series S proof

See the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 14-day trial that came with this new controller…


Sheesh just announce it already. This is silly.


We still thinking this will launch day and date with the Series X, right?

I would hope so, but I think COVID put a kink in their manufacturing plans. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s in the spring.

There is a dark horse that might be worth betting on though:

One S All Digital & One X are no longer being manufactured & One S manufacturing slowed to a crawl. Maybe One S is getting stealth dropped after the announcement like Apple does with their phones?

What the hell is:

“Doesn’t support Windows 10 in S mode”?

Ignore. It’s a limited version of Windows 10.

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S Mode is this weird Chrome OS-like locked down version of Windows 10. It comes with some cheap laptops.

Yes. Or maybe a couple weeks behind. Series X is November. Series S was always rumored to be November.

Microsoft is probably going to have to go first at this rate, or they will just have to delay the weaker, cheaper box as a result. It will be interesting to seee if they are willing to wait until late September …

Worst kept secret ever…

This also means that the original plan was to annouce it in june/july.

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They waiting for sony to tell price. Which is smart.

I guess. Sony didn’t need to wait for price to announce PS5DE though.

Why would they need to delay the entire system based on which week they talk about price? I don’t think that follows.

True, but I see little point in announcing the S then a week or two later telling the price.

Agreed. This shit is childish at this point

I’m really surprised we don’t have a single leak of the Series S from some chinese factory. If they want to launch this thing in November they are probably already in a shipping container.

I don’t understand comments like this, it’s a business they know what they’re doing. They can’t announce the console early without a price because that would just look stupid. They’re not going to release both the Series X and Series S console price because of a leaked controller or piece of paper confirming it lol, this console has been rumoured for so long going by that logic they should’ve announced it in December 2019 with Series X.

This is their card to undercut Sony and they can’t do that without the price, can you just imagine the shit show that would be if Sony undercut the Series S somehow… MS isn’t going to risk that so some people online can get the price of the console faster.

Also, we’re all in a vacuum just because we know the Series S is coming doesn’t mean Timmy and his grandma know about it so when they do announce the console it could be a new thing for them.

We will get pricing this month imo.


Microsoft factory ninjas have kept a tight ship.

What a beauty of a controller btw! Like, come on…announce the damn thing already lol

It doesn’t really matter, not like you can buy it yet. We already know the stats and we don’t know how it looks like yet. I don’t think it’s childish.