Monster Sanctuary : Forgotten World Announced

A free dlc to Moi Rais fantastic game Monster Sanctuary has been announced via their offical twitter page.

This wonderful game is already on game pass and I fully recommend giving it a spin if you haven’t already


What kind of game it is?

Team based monster fighter.

In terms of style its 2d like terraria… have a prebuilt team of 6 monsters… each with their own skill trees…

Fights are 3 on 3 usually.

Monsters can have gear as well thus adding to the rpg like elements.

Ive sold it as better pokemon to friends.

Oh very few monsters evolve in this game… and when they do it doesnt make them better persay… it just changes there look stats and skill trees

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A bit like Nexomon?

Ooooo fuck yeah!! I loved this game, but the very end just had an insane difficulty spike for me that I never got over :/. Hopefully this DLC will give me more stuff I can actually play. :crossed_fingers:

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Actually never played that one so i cant say.

Ok thanks will take a look at it.

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You should uts a great game and is on gamepass.

I cant give this indie game enough praise… wish it was a play anywhere title though

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I watched a vid on yt to check what it was gameplay wise. Seems cool. Looks like a mix between a metroidvania & Pokemon. Will give it a try later.

Im glad i can get moi rai and gamepass free advertising. But man it is a good game. Hope you enjoy it mate

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Thanks for the discovery! Have fun!