Monster Hunter Wilds gets new trailer


Not for me but looks really good. Expecting this to be a launch title for Switch 2.

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I definitely prefer the forest environment in World, but I’m sure it will be fun.

I don’t think that the trailer did a good job of conveying certain key things such as this. Apparently, there are multiple biomes in the game that can even change in various ways, so I think that this “desert” only type look was confusing.

That is exactly what I’m hoping for because only sand would be a big bummer. Loved the diversity of World.

Wilds will be open world, so we’ll be going into these other biomes in real-time, dope! Where is this info from?

The official site says that Windward Plains from the trailer is the first hunting locale that you will visit - A LIVING WORLD|MONSTER HUNTER WILDS|CAPCOM.

It also says that for each hunting locale: “Each hunting locale features an environment with two dynamically changing identities: one in which the region is harsh and unforgiving where ravenous monsters fight for limited resources—and another in which the region is vibrant and brimming with life. Changes in the environment also means changes for the monsters and wildlife that live there, so you’ll be running into new surprises around every corner.”

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Oh I LOVE the sound of that.

World was such a huge surprise for me and two friends, we played that game non stop. I can already see the same happening with this one!