Monster Hunter Rise is coming to Xbox Game Pass on January 20th 2023

I doubt. DLCs don’t come to Game Pass usuallly.

Yes!!! Never played a Monster Hunter game before and Rise will be the first one in the series that I play. Best of all, it’s said to be the most accessible game in the series and it’s day one on Game Pass.

Question - if I complete the game via Game Pass and then buy the expansion, can it be played via the Game Pass version of the game? Thanks.

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Yes, GP versions of games are the exact same as regular bought versions



But damn, I just checked Sunbreak, it costs the same as the base game. I rarely see expansions cost as much as the base game. But if I complete it, im in. Hehehe. :slight_smile:

Imagine if GP becomes its own entity and/or trial version of the real game. It wouldn’t fly at all.


Sunbreak’s worth it. It’s main story is quite a bit longer than the main game’s and of course it has tons more endgame content.

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Oh wow. It’s definitely rare when an expansion is bigger than the base game.

Store page is live already


January is looking to be Another banger of Gamepass month


Once 2023 begins…


Digital only it seems:

So I preordered Rise Deluxe edition but it doesn’t include the expansion Sunbreak that’s correct ?

Sunbreak is similar in size to Iceborne for MH World apparently so I’ll have to maybe buy that also when it releases if I want to be up to date content wise.

So when does it come out and how much will it be ? Is it worth it like Iceborne ? I think I still haven’t finished Iceborne campaign.

Deluxe does not include Sunbreak, no. I’m pretty sure it’s just cosmetics and stuff.

Sunbreak was $50 CAD on Switch, I think it was $40 USD? Not sure. But it was worth it. The main story is longer than the base games, tons of new monsters, two new maps, new types of quests with AI partners, it added a lot and is still getting updates.

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Ok, thanks for the answer. I’m down for a new Monster Hunter game as World was the first game I really got into and I enjoyed it a lot. So I wanted to get all the extra stuff and 50€ wasn’t too bad for a game I will keep playing for a long time (I played 90 Hours of World).

Also, I hope the downgrade isn’t too bad coming from World… I watched some video and I think it looks great, it’s just that the areas look more simple and less lively than World. I think World still looks really good, especially the vegetation and the scale fo the environments.