Monster-collecting RPG 'Palworld' Arrives on Xbox in 2024

Originally published at: Monster-collecting RPG 'Palworld' Arrives on Xbox in 2024 - XboxEra

Developer Pocketpair showcased their upcoming monster-collecting role-playing game ‘Palworld’ at the Xbox TGS ’23 broadcast. This new gameplay trailer during the show, showing off new monsters, character customization, multiplayer, base building, crafting, weapons, faction leaders, and more in its gorgeous 3D world. The game will be coming to Xbox and Windows platforms in 2024.

If you don’t know much about Palworld, it’s a multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game where you can befriend and collect mysterious creatures called “Pal” in a huge open world. You can make Pals fight, breed, help with farming, or work in factories. You can also fend off poachers in life-or-death situations with your Pals.

Check out the TGS trailer (timestamped), a Q&A with the developers, and the gallery below for more information on Palworld. You can also check out the Steam page here for some additional details.