MMORPGs |OT| Y'all still play these?

HEY! I love the idea of MMORPGs but am not great at sticking with any for an extremely long time. Still, I have a soft spot in my heart for RPGs and many have importance to me.

MMO’s that mean something to me (not sure if complete list):

Runescape: My and many others first RPG, played this when I was in middle school and loved it.

Puzzle Pirates: Maybe my favorite MMO of all time, not and RPG but an MMO nevertheless. Instead of traditional MMORPG mechanics it uses different puzzles to represent different parts of the pirate life. Want to do a sword fight? Here’s Puzzle Fighter! Want to sail a ship? Here’s Dr. Mario! Etc.

World of Warcraft Classic: This game brought a whole friend group back together for me! Played for a couple months a lot with high school friends and it brought us back together. We stopped playing WoW but we continue to talk and play games.

Guild Wars 1: Love this game, yet I did not even beat one of the 3 campaigns, haha. I need to return to it someday. An MMORPG that doesn’t feel like an MMO, as it’s mostly instanced and you can do most by yourself.

Guild Wars 2: This is the MMO I still play sometimes, I’m trying to do World Completion, which is very fun/relaxing/satisfying for me. World Completion is doing every main quest in the game, seeing every part of the map, and visiting every Vista (vistas are generally high up places that are usually fun to reach, and can be a kind of jumping puzzle.)

Honorable Mentions:

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Traditional MMO with a really cool story mode, I’d like to possibly return to this someday.

World of Warcraft Modern: A fantastic MMORPG, I played a lot during Pandaria, but just can’t justify the monthly cost since I don’t feel I can dedicate enough hours as it wants.

Now that my story is out of the way, tell me YOUR story!

Which MMORPG’s are most important to you?

Do you still play any?

Are there any new ones you are looking forward to?

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I’m waiting for Final Fantasy XIV to come on Xbox. Used to play on PS4 in the past. Absolute blast! Big game.

Once the gold paywal drops I hope it comes quickly

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I played wayyyy too many MMORPGs as a kid lol. Forget a lot of them that I played. Didn’t really play any big ones that ppl would remember tho lol. My favorite of all time was one called Redmoon Online. If anyone here played that, we can probly be best friends :slight_smile:. I played a private server for it years back and hit nostalgia overload. I actually got to get way farther in it than I ever had as a kid, too. Don’t really stick with MMO’s much anymore tho. I guess as I got older, it’s a lot harder to wanna sink time into one single game for long. :confused:


I played a lot of WoW from vanilla all the way through to Warlords of Draenor then just fell off it. Made lots of friends in my guild and even had some fly interstate/overseas to Australia for meetups which was awesome. I wish the guild hadn’t fallen apart and we could still at least chat and catch up. I still have my subscription active (no idea why, but I can’t bring myself to cancel it) and when I do log in, seeing stuff like “offline for X years” makes me sad and I just log out again.

If anyone here was in the guild Ancients of Wakening on Runetotem, hit me up!

I still play WoW. Started back in 2004 and I usually put in a solid month or 2 every year before walking away for a while.

I’ve always enjoyed the genre, but so many end up being somewhat terrible. Guild Wars 2 was pretty great, and I remember Lord of the Rings Online being pretty good after they fixed a ton of things. Elder Scrolls Online is fun for the most part.

I still try to dabble in new ones when they come out, but i tend to lose interest pretty quickly.

The only MMO I’ve played extensively is Final Fantasy XIV. Started on PS3 during the Realm Reborn beta, eventually switched to PC, been playing it on and off (but mostly on) since 2013. Still hoping for it to hit Xbox someday!

Just preordered the Endwalker expansion for FF14 so I’ll be playing that in November. I actually have quite a bit of post-Shadowbringers patch content to catch up on in the meantime.

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A year has passed since last post and we’re still here waiting for FF14, lol.


Just Elder Scrolls Online, I have tried all the ones available on Xbox but I loose interest in continuing to keep playing with in an hour or so. There just was something about ESO that really grabbed my attention, likely the world, the storylines, the lore, the game play ect.

It was no one thing, it’s just everything about ESO hits the right spot for me in getting me to enjoy the game, and 1700 hours in even when I not really doing anything I just jump back in to explore areas I’ve already explored, or just to collect gear for the scrapbook so that I can try it later. I just like going into the world and doing something.

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Dropping in to say that PSO2: New Genesis is dope.

I played wow for 8 years and had to stop because i had a kid. It’s easier to play a game I can pause and come back to even if it’s only 100 hrs. That being said Wow is my favorite game of all time.

Hey don’t spoil me please…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I stopped at Stormblood midway cause I sold my PS4. I love this game. Can’t wait to go back but waiting on the Xbox version and then taking back my profile to continue my journey.

AFAIK @XboxP3 was negotiating with Naoki Yoshida to bring the Xbox version. Thanks to him who made huge efforts. We’ll have to wait till end 2021 or 2022 probably after the all the work is done on EndWalker expansion.

I would absolutely love to play FF14 on Xbox (and get that gamerscore :slight_smile: ) but it is what it is. After starting with the PS3 version, I built a gaming PC a few years back literally just for FF14 and it’s the only game I play on it lol.

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IMO we’ll never get FF14, bullshits aside, it received PS3 PS4 PS5 ports meanwhile SE listed every humanly possible excuse concerning Xbox, come on.

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So they totally reworked my main, MNK, since I last played FF14. Time to re-learn how to play! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are pictures allowed?

Anyways ESO yearly pvp event is on and as usual I decided to jump right in and get my butt kick in Battlegrounds. Because dealing with Zergs in Cyrodill and Imperial City is not something I want to do. So far been having a blast, unfortunately most people only want to play deathmatch(like in every game that features pvp lol), and it makes the random battlegrounds choices worthless.

Currently threw another of my pve characters into the grinder and I’m doing the best I have done so far thanks to the fact that most of the people I am fighting are PVE gamers like me.

My two best results so far in deathmatch.(Dusk)

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