MLB The Show 23 Coming To Game Pass Day One, Cover Athlete Revealed

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What You Need To Know

  • MLB The Show 23 is coming to Game Pass day one.
  • The new cover athlete is Jazz Chisholm, JR.
  • The game releases on March 28th.

Today, Sony San Diego and Major League Baseball have released a brand new trailer for MLB The Show 23 to reveal this year’s cover athlete, 24 year old centerfielder Jazz Chisholm, Jr. The upcoming baseball title is set to release on March 28th. Pre-orders open up on February 6th.

MLB The Show 23 is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. It looks like PC players are left out in the cold yet again with no indication of a PC release.

This will be the third MLB The Show title released on Xbox following last year’s The Show 22 and the year prior’s The Show 21. All three titles have made appearances on Game Pass, though The Show 22 was not available on day one, instead arriving 4 days later.


Awesome :sunglasses: Love this game. :baseball:

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Honestly super bummed it’s not coming to PC yet again… JUST GIMME A BASEBALL GAME PLS


I thought for sure this would have been the year. I was surprised it wasn’t there last year. Really curious what is preventing them.

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I played the previous version when it came to gamepass. It’s gone to be the same yearly sports game again. All sports game are like that. Barely any difference gameplay wise, just roster update really.

Lol PC. :wink:


I hope this makes some people absolutely seeth.

Guess we can assume that MLB 24 is coming to Game Pass next year.

Game Pass day one for the third year in a row. My guess is that MLB signed a multi-year deal with Microsoft to include the Xbox version in Game Pass day one.


This will never stop being funny.


imagine paying to block games coming to gamepass but not blocking your own games on gamepass


Someone is flexing.

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Anyone playing much of this? I’ve had something really weird happen to me during the home run derby a couple of times now. Somehow in the finals my opponent has a hit each time I have one yet somehow ends up with more time on the clock at the end and continues hitting after I’ve finished.

Edit: Nevermind, I found the answer. Apparently you get bonus time if you hit a couple of homers longer than 440’.