MLB The Show 22 coming to Game Pass on Day 1

They did it again. Sony’s first party hit game is coming to Game Pass on Day 1!

Announcing this on the same day as the pre-order announcement seems like a big deal. I’m beginning to think that the MLB has a long-term deal with Xbox to perpetually launch The Show into Game Pass for some number of years. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they just wait to see how pre-orders go before making a decision?

Also, go Mariners!


Its also coming to Nintendo Switch for the first time this year. Sony first party on Nintendo, imagine that.


Cross saves with Switch is very tempting, tbh.

Cool, I still play MLB 21 from gamepass, great we will get the new version as well.

I love this game and now it’s free on Gamepass day 1, again!

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It not a Sony first party IP though facts are Sony don’t even own the IP

I mean it’s “free” on Game Pass. But yeah, it’s pretty rad.

Sports games do nothing for me (Elden ring pls on GP day 1)…

But for casual gamers this is a huge win for MS again. Just advertise that the game is essentially free compared to the competition and push those Series S consoles !

I love MLB The Show and have been wondering whether we’d get the same GP treatment again.

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ER is unrealistic and people need to temper expectations about 3rd part day 1 games…ER is the sort of games millions will buy anyway even on Xbox and probably come to gamepass before end of the year. I’m getting it Day 1. I think MS should get something like a KOFXV Day 1. Its a fighting game that needs more exposure and KOF14 skipped Xbox all together. Get those Fighting games on Gamepass asap.

Didn’t expect it a second time.


Hopefully Road to the Show is better this year. Didn’t like the gear system in 2021. Just give me straight stats.

Yeah… felt like they were just trying to sell card packs. I doubt they change it, unfortunately.

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Very nice to see this. I’m not a sports game fan myself, but I know people who are, and I know a couple people who got Gamepass because of MLB 21 being on it Day 1

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I wouldnt exactly equate sports games with casual gamers. I think youd be shocked just how much strategy and skill can be involved with NHL or Madden. These are dudes who buy the same title every year as well.

With that said, yes, I see where youre coming from. This is big news in broadening the appeal of GamePass and what it offers to the average consumer.

Ive not played The Show myself and now i wont have any excuse not to give it a whirl.

Lets go Tigers

I am looking forward to sucking at this again :grin: