MLB The Show 21 boxart leaked

Wild but cool to see the PlayStation studios logo on a Xbox product.

Looking forward to trying this out on Series X. I used to be a HUGE fan of the High Heat series, was excited when MS bought that franchise but to this day they never made a High Heat game.

I usually buy this series on playstation, but will get on xbox this year

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I don’t think I’m mentally prepared to have the Playstation Studios logo play on my Series X when I put the disc in.


Came to post the same thing.

I really enjoy the series and I’m curious how much effort they actually put into the Xbox version.

I do find it weird box art is xbox one and not series x, but I don’t think they will sabotage xbox version of games because it will create bad press and maybe get in trouble with MLB

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Yeah this looks like PS5 next gen exclusive based on box art. Pretty disappointing but not surprising considering it’s Sony.

I don’t believe the game will be PS5 exclusive. The deal with MLB went multiplatform exactly because they wanted to reach more people, so they wouldn’t exclude such a big userbase as the PS4.

I just don’t think every boxart leaked. I believe there is a Switch version coming aswell based on Nintendo retweeting the original announcement back in 2019.

But there is one thing this leak seems to indicate: the game will not support Smart Delivery.

Is this game a big deal? Im from Europe and baseball has almost no traction here in gereral. Madden we know its a big deal, but what about this game?

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I am in for some Series X net-gen Baseball goodness… publsihed by PlayStation…

Developed by

San Diego Studio (Sony Interactive Entertainment America)

Yeah, same for me in Brazil.

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Yep gonna be cool to play a Baseball video game for the first time in a LONG LONG time, think the last time I put a lot of time in a Baseball game was High Heat before MS bought the license

FINALLY :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

First look at Arenado in a Cardinals jersey?

I’m in! Really excited to get The Show on Xbox. It’s the one franchise I really missed after deciding to move into the Xbox ecosystem. It’s the best sports game out there in my opinion.

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Yes the series is very popular and does massive numbers yearly for Sony and I assume this will exponentially increase it. Its just in its own bubble and out of main stream discussion cause its baseball.

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I’m happy Xbox finally has a baseball game. I’ve played the Show 20 a lot since getting my PS5. It’s a really great game just hope Sony updates the graphics for next gen. The game is already realistic but I hope it gets pushed even further towards real life.

I wonder when sony san Diego got xbox series devkits?

It will never happen but it would be interested hearing from a sony dev how the xbox series and PS5 hardware compares.