MLB 21: The Show "Jackie Robinson" edition leaks, confirming Series X|S release, coming April 16th

Play Ball!

:musical_note: Take me out the ball game! :musical_note:


It’s wild to see the playstation studios logo on an Xbox game

Since the game doesn’t support Support Delivery, I wonder if it will also not support a free upgrade for PS4 → PS5 users.

It would be a shitty move either way (not supporting free upgrade at all / supporting a free upgrade only for PS users).

Yeah, there being separate PS4, PS5, Xbox and Xbox Series X SKUs make me believe we are looking at a non-Smart Delivery here. One price for last gen, next-gen price for PS5/Series X.

Lame, but hopefully worth it.

They do need to incentivize people into their ecosystem some way I suppose. Idk, just happy for my MLB obsessed brother who I gave my One to.

Happy for Xbox fans who want a good baseball game


Like me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m really excited for this. My favorite sports franchise and I really missed it when I switched to Xbox. Super Mega Baseball always had fun gameplay but I prefer a true sim with today’s players. I don’t usually pre-order but I will with this one.