Missing Game Pass genre

Recently listened to the latest podcast and there was a question regarding genre’’s xbox will look to add to game pass. Kid games were mentioned and I totally agree but a genre that has never been discussed is point and click games. Such as broken sword and monkey island. These games were games that I first played on the Amiga and then on PC. There hasn’t been a new monkey island game for years and whilst a broken sword game came out on Xbox it’s still £20 on the store.

I’d like to see these types of games come to game pass. Especially as Xbox seem to be doing a fair bit of work with Lucas film. Maybe they could look at a new monkey island game.

They’ve got quite a few. Day of The Tentacle, Full throttle, Grim Fandango. Is Thimbleweed Park still on there?

No, it left about 6 months ago I think.

We need more Shoot em Ups.

R-Type Gradius Sin Mora


I wish Game Pass had more horror and platformer games. Those are the genres that I miss the most when I’m searching for my next game to play.

Party games imo. They’ve had a few Jackbox games and human falls flat but mostly this is missing. Kind of missing on Xbox in general.

Agreed, it’s a big blindspot on gamepass.

YUP! And Couch Multiplayer games. Not everybody is a glutton for aural punishment in voice chat :stuck_out_tongue: .