Minecraft |OT| it's pretty fun actually!

Every few years one friend group or another wants to play Minecraft, and each time we get into it everyone has a great time. Some may be turned off by the open ended nature, but I really find this to be a huge part of the charm, since everyone can play in their own way. Want to play it like Factorio? Learn to make complex redstone contraptions that automate stuff for you. Want to play like Stardew Valley (ME), make a chicken farm, raise crops, go fishing. Want to play like a dungeon crawler? Go into caves, explore the nether, etc etc.

And every one of these actions can help other people out. The food I grow is used by everyone, the ores gathered by others are used to get us better tools and such, and monster parts are used to make special item that can’t be crafted otherwise.

I think a big barrier to entry is just how much stuff is in the game nowadays, it really can be overwhelming, so it’s better to play with a friend who has played before, or be ok with not knowing how things work and learning as you go (which can be a lot of fun as well).

It’s on Xbox Game Pass (not PC sadly), so if you’ve never given it a go before, try it for a few hours, see what you can do. I honestly much prefer it with PC controls though (me and my friends play the Java version).

Minecraft might be my favorite game ever. Not everyone is into it, but it’s a game I can just jump into and start building towards something. I tend to play more modded minecraft than not, but the Xbox version is one of my go to games when i just want to relax and listen to a podcast.

Both my kids can’t get enough of it.

I don’t get it

Minecraft! Oh minecraft… This OT is so sad with so few replies after so many hours :frowning:

But I get it… I used to love minecraft. I used to plan out things for hours, at WORK, when I should’ve been doing real work. I used to play with my gf, now wife, as that was one of the first 3d games she could handle. I used to be so excited to play even though I don’t like complete blank-slate, sandbox-only, games. But Minecraft… man I used to be so into it :frowning:

Here’s is where I should be writing about so much I love about the Console version, but all that’s left is broken worlds, broken promises, massive wasted potential, and no desire to get back into something that no longer seems to fit my playstyle.

I’ve toyed with trying the proper PC version but the pain remains too great to even bother. I would say everyone should give it a shot. See if you like it, but before contributing any coins to their store or similar, make sure the game is going to respect your investment first.

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Don’t worry, it will have more replies as time goes on.

Hmm, I haven’t played the console one much, why do people not like it? I started a new world recently and have been having fun building a little Hobbit hole for myself.

I definitely recommend trying the Java version if you haven’t, it’s still my preferred way to play.

It’s disappointing you need Realms to really have the true cross platform experience. I hate that my kids make a world on their iPad and that world isn’t there on Xbox

I also found out realms wasn’t on PS4 after I had bought it. They should put it on Gamepass.

I feel like generally Mojang are a bit of an outlier in MS game studios. I think it would benefit us as gamers if they integrated more.

Minecraft DLC is so confusing to me as well. It astounds me I can’t seem to buy animals for example and just put them in my world.

My kids love it too. I secretly love it also.

Just mining down to diamond level then spending time looking for them can be pretty relaxing and rewarding when you find them. That is without everything else that you can do. The kids and I lost a pretty good world because we didn’t back up before playing in the new nether update. But with our new world, I have personally set us up with diamonds, gold and iron from mining.

We how have an amazingly efficient kelp farm that gives us huge amounts of xp to repair our stuff and enchant things, plus unlimited fuel or food or both. The game is really something else.

I am currently in the process of building up enough materials to build a castle, flatten the land around around our base so that our expansion is all on one level, get the stone for a wall that be as long as a dingo fence in the outback, breed our cows for food and leather etc… lol

We haven’t even started doing the steps needed to fight the dragon. It is incredible

Been playing this game a lot the last few months. I was really into it when it came out on 360 but I fell off it. My nephew has reignited my interest in the game. I’m mostly a creative player only.