Miles Dompier from Windows Central has heard rumblings that From Software is working on a new Sci-Fi RPG

I would be kinda down with this.

Who am I kidding…

I’d be fucking down with this!


Jeff Grubb pretty much killed this rumor.

Why would it be unlikely though. Nothing is stopping that from happening, they are still under Kadokawa and they have shown they can work with a western publisher like Activision. It is possible.

Edit : just saw your last post. But to me, there isn’t anything that could prevent it from happening one day.

Yeah not to ruin the party here but firstly I don’t think Miles was being serious.

Also, pretty sure this ain’t happening.


Thanks, this shit was getting off the rails lol. Better to squish it before it gets too annoyingly big on all the games media websites and several people come to feel the need to comment on it and make it even worse.

Season 3 Test GIF by The Simpsons

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Dreaming is never a waste of time. :philwins:

The turn 10 helping was the obvious red flag to be fair. LOL!

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Where did Grubb post that comment? The tweet there doesn’t link to it.

I think that’s a discord screenshot.

As in specifically which discord, no idea.

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Rumor: FROM’s game is multiplatform but is indeed sci fi rpg and called Project Interstice. Supposedly leaked screens here:

I highly doubt it, the second screenshot looks like a Blender tutorial I remember seeing lol.

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found the tutorial.

Although it’s not exactly the same, the leak image looks like just another camera angle of seemingly the same kind of “sci-fi blade runner-ish loop megastructure” with a displacement modifier on a cylinder and a particle system to denote small lights.

But who knows, it may be real, and this is just some throwaway concept from the project? Cuz I myself could do that in less than 15 minutes lol, no joke or flexing, it really is that simple.

But the likelihood is this is fake, again. Elden Ring itself got a bunch of fake leaks of random artstation posts screenshotted in bad quality to appear authentic lmao.

Yeah seems like that’s the case. I guess the Sekiro team is working on it? I’m not that familiar with From Softwares internal teams but i was under the impression that Sekiro was made by the “B” team.

It’s sad that it’s not true, I’d love to see Xbox working with FromSoft again. I can definitely see Xbox asking them, but are they willing is the question?

I would guess a relationship with a 3rd party publisher is more lucrative than one with with a 1st party publisher due to expectation of higher sales numbers.

Yeah the details there are definitely different than the supposed screenshot. It seems plausible the leak/rumor is real since the Elden Ring stuff just leaked too, so would not be shocked if they were leaked by same person.