Microsoft will now own Diablo Immortal. What do you want to see done with this?

I have access to the Android beta and it is surprisingly very good. Sadly the games reputation never recovered after the shocking blizzcon reveal (“don’t you guys have phones”).

I’d like to see the game ported to Xbox and PC, as the game already plays great on the Kishi

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Revive Windows Phone and make it an exclusive to that.


The game’s reveal was a perfect example of just not reading the room and will never not be funny.

In regards to what should happen with it, I personally don’t see the point porting it to consoles and PC because we are going to get Diablo 4. Plus the game is first and foremost built for mobile to target gamers who only use that platform. It would be like asking for CoD mobile to be ported to PC and console. They are two different games targeting two different audiences.

CoD mobile should also be ported honestly. It’s better than the mainline titles now. Mobile is essentially a “best of” with fan favorite maps from each cod game.

Add Xbox Achievement support and let me in to play cuz I’ve been registered forever lol


Apparently the game itself is pretty fun to play and implemented well going by what some reviewers who played it said (edit, I see OP thinks the same so there you go). It just wasn’t the right announcement to make at that point in time and on that stage and with the whole don’t you guys have phones meme, all the while Blizzard was facing issues regarding the Blitzchung situation.

The game itself existing was never a problem, its problem was that people expected Diablo 4 at that time and they got a fucking mobile game in their most passionately revered franchise instead.

Diablo 4 announcement and that cinematic was Peak Blizzard imo, they just messed up the PR side a bit.

The game should continue to exist and thrive, no issues there. Not sure about needing to port to pc or consoles tho, D4 will serve better on them.

regarding the port to consoles and pc, it’s very similar to D3 from what i’ve seen, assets straight up lifted from it and gameplay tweaked for mobile

i’m not sure if it makes sense, it would even land outside of Xbox live ecosystem and a Tencent studio is making it

Game pass perks.

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Diablo Immortal should be canceled. It didn’t interest most gamers enough and it became a meme anyway. I would totally cancel it and use the assets in combinaison of a new Diablo game for mobile to differentiate itself from the meme.

Oh, and I would also put some perks in the game to incentivize Diablo 4 players to play with the game. Could be skins or any non-pay to win stuff, just to create some sort of synergy with the main game (Diablo 4). And the assets I would put them in the middle of the game or spread enough in the game and modify them enough that’s not too obvious. There is a lot of potential with a Diablo mobile game but it just have to be managed right. :slight_smile:

It actually sounded like people really enjoyed what they played of it.

These are mutually exclusive. :slight_smile:

I do like that perk idea though, and I think all kinds of cross platform functionality could be a smart move going forward if they end up using King to bring more console and PC games to mobile.

For example, maybe they release some kind of Forza-branded mobile racing game, and by playing that I can earn credits that can be used in any Forza game. Or there could be cross platform compatibility, where maybe the aforementioned Forza-branded mobile game has a garage, in which I can paint or tune the cars I have in the console version of the game.

With Diablo, maybe you can have the inventory in one somehow impacting the other. Maybe even have exclusive weapons that have to be gained in one version of the game, but be used in the other. So if you want a particular staff for your wizard in Diablo 4, you have to complete a quest in Diablo Immortal.

Doing that latter idea would require a light touch though. It shouldn’t make gamers resent feeling forced to play a game they perhaps are not interested in playing. As such maybe the exclusive content could be cosmetic only, or at the very least never be more powerful than anything you can find in your primary version.

Anyway, I do think that having cross functionality like that could be really cool. And possible a great way to encourage gamers to branch out from one platform to another.

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“Gamers” arent a thing in the actual market.

Most people that will play this and will put money into it, do not care and probably dont even know about the “do you have phones” shit.

People that complain on the internet are a minority that do not matter unless they’re casually the only niche audience for some weird project, like Scalebound…

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It’s a game designed with freemium and time-gated mechanics most likely, considering Diablo 4 is a thing, it’s not really necessary to have it on console.