Microsoft updates Game Pass Branding

Brad Sams just tweeted that MS is updating the Game Pass branding. I like the update

Tom Warren tweets about it now too!

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Looks slick

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I like this one, “Game Pass”, has a nice ring to it.

I think it’s a smart decision to remove the prominent Xbox marketing from Game Pass. While Xbox as a brand is now more than a console, people still associate it with the box. (Obviously…)

“One last thing. Drop the Xbox, just Game Pass.”


Tom Warren with more info

Alright, that makes sense. Keep it simple. No more Ultimate and stuff, it’s just Game Pass. It needs to become a household name for Netflix or Spotify. And Microsoft is on the right way.

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Ultimate isn’t moving though, is it? As I understand we’ll still have Ultimate. Rumour is Xbox Live Gold will be part of all tiers of Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will just be Game Pass + Game Pass PC + xCloud + Perks.

Ultimate is still there. This is the basic branding they change.

“It’s cleaner.”

One of my favorite movies.

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Nice nzxt case on that second logo.

Rebrand doesn’t matter much but I guess it makes more sense. Everyone just called it gamepass to begin with.

The XBLG moves, that’s where I’ve got my eyes.

Nobody weaves words like Sorkin and nobody executes perfection like Fincher. Match made in heaven.

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I like the new branding. Mixer had a lot problems, but one of the major problems is 99% of people thought of it as an xbox only streaming platform. I don’t necessarily think Game Pass has this issue yet, but it could and this helps them get ahead of it.

As long as you can get GamePass on almost any device, it won’t be an issue. It’s about going beyond the console.

I like it, clean and simple.

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This is smart. Amazon doesn’t market Twitch as Amazon’s Twitch. There is more than just Xbox games on the platform. Microsoft will be taking Game Pass to territories where Xbox has 0 presence through Xcloud so simplifying the branding seems like a no brainer. Most gamers who are fond of the Xbox brand will already be aware that this is a Xbox platform.

This is a solid move. I like the cleaner branding. It also gives more prominence to the actual xbox logo. Which makes sense with xcloud launching in september you have potentially new eyes coming into the platform.

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I never noticed that the former logo literally was Xbox Xbox Game Pass :smiley:

I like the change. However, I still have not jumped on the Game Pass wagon. I am so old school and still prefer to buy my games. But I am leaning towards getting it after seeing the onslaught of great games coming to it from the Xbox Game Showcase.