Microsoft Store now has a dedicated section for games made in Latin America

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Xbox’s Daniel Martins has shared on his official Twitter account that the Microsoft Store now has a new thematic collection dedicated for games made in Latin America.

Said collection features games made by Latin American studios in partnership with ID@Xbox, including Forager, developed by the Argentinian HopFrog, Retro Machina, developed by the Brazilian Orbit Studio, and many more.


You can browse through the collection by clicking here. Daniel has also shared a video detailing the steps to find this thematic collection on your Xbox (spoiler: just type “Latin American” on the console’s search bar!):


Sacada de polla, señores. :smiling_imp:

Really great initiative !


This is awesome, and also I had no idea you could search up for categories on the store

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This is pretty great!

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One thing I miss from physical shopping is a lovely sorted shopfront to browse and find new things by a variety of themes.