Microsoft says Forza Street is at risk from Apple’s Unreal Engine cutoff

The battle is joined.

Don’t understand how. Does Forza Street run on Unreal?

Does Forza Street use Unreal? Why would the other Forza games be developed on Macs?

I guess, its in the Verge article:

The filing came alongside a new declaration from Microsoft in support of Epic’s motion, emphasizing how disastrous it would be to revoke Epic’s access to Apple’s developer tools. Any developer using the engine would be unable to patch security flaws or fix bugs once the access was revoked, effectively halting support for a wide range of games including Microsoft’s Forza.

Forza Street is using unreal.


That title about Forza and it being included in the article is a bit weird… unless MS plans to port Forza games to mobile lol or they’re talking about that street game.

its the street game on mobile lol, it uses Unreal and probably makes good money

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Yeah you’re right haha, they’ll probably lose a nice chunk of money. Not only that though but this should help push them into court about other things the xcloud BS, they want Apple under the microscope.