Microsoft Responds to Apple Comments regarding xCloud on iOS

Microsoft has stated "Apple continues to “deny consumers from cloud gaming and game subscription services.”

This is a tough pill to swallow as an iPhone user myself, but I am glad that MS is not going to just sit idly by while Apple continues to allow other streaming services such as music, movie, and TV but preventing not only XCloud but all other game streaming services as well. This is not only anti-consumer but I believe it borders on giving themselves an unfair advantage for Arcade on their device something that they clearly are not concerned about with iTunes, Apple Music, and their movies and TV storefront.

I hope this gets rectified for all consumers.

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Spencer gonna challenge Tim on his policies over a Destiny PVP match. Use your powers to do good for once.


1v1 on rust?


“Our customers enjoy great apps and games from millions of developers, and gaming services can absolutely launch on the App Store as long as they follow the same set of guidelines applicable to all developers, including submitting games individually for review, and appearing in charts and search.”

So Apple is using the argument that the medium gaming is different compared to music and movies or do they review every song and movie on Spotify/Netflix.

They view Microsoft as a direct gaming competitor and try to have an advantage. Will be interesting how long apple can block gaming services.

Phil checking Tim level on Destiny 2 :phil_lmao:

Strong statement from Microsoft. I hope the EU will take up this conflict in their investigation of Apple’s policies. The EU is much more likely to enact a pro-consumer change than the antitrust hearings in the US congress, IMO.

But if Microsoft and Apple now fight publicly over this issue, a solution must be really far off. For me, this will mean geting another Android phone. I was looking forward to gaming on the iPad so much though, best device I’ve owned :confused:


I’d say that there are enough educated Xbox fans that would switch from Apple to Android if this does not get resolved.


For what it’s worth, there is a petition to sign if you want to.

Maybe one of the mods can make this sticky or put it on the front page.

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Apple’s business model is intentionally exclusionary and I honestly cannot say I am surprised that they are refusing to work with Xbox. They fear this will eat into their Microtransaction income if people have the option to play full bodied games on their platform, through a stream service that is not monetized by them.

Facebook was facing similar issues

These are the kind of statements I wish xbox would make against sony and there apparent money hatting. Worked for sony to call out Microsoft at the start of this gen well now return the favour and be a beacon for consumers

While sony’s behavior may “seem” (I’ll let others decide if it is) anti-consumer, it’s not illegal. Apple’s behavior can be considered antitrust violation which can be corrected by the government.

This won’t do a thing to get XCloud on IOS. Apple doesn’t really care what MS thinks, and they have the userbase to back them that MS does not

But these two companies really don’t like each other

There are literally the two largest companies on the planet. They’re not 12 year old school yard rivals. There’s no such thing as “not liking eachother”.

If they can find an agreement that makes both sides money, particularly if Apple is nailed with anti-trust violations, they’ll do it.


Question: couldn’t the console streaming portion of xCloud work on ios without violating it’s terms. Its essentially the same as PS4 remote play. It won’t allow for full on xCloud integration like we have on Android, but it would let ios users play their xbox on the go. Everyone always forgets that console streaming is another aspect of xCloud. I generally use console streaming more often than streaming from the xCloud servers due to better performance in my case.

No they won’t. Trust me, the enmity is deep in both companies for each other. Even if Apple is nailed with anti-trust violations (won’t be), they will just allow other groups on instead. I guess hell could freeze over, but somehow I doubt it. There is a reason MS never could get out of beta with ONE game on XCloud. If you have an iPhone, just forget about XCloud - or buy an Android instead

BTW, do you REALLY think the fact that MS announced that the beta was being terminated with Apple the same day as they announced a partnership with Samsung was a coincidence?

Yes. I believe Sams said recently on his lastest YouTube video that the local streaming stuff was in the works for iOS. I don’t believe that is officially out to anyone yet, the Xbox OS hasn’t been updated with that functionality for the public yet. So I’m sure it will hit whenever that Xbox Update hits.

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There is no enmity. They work together when it is advantageous to both. For example MS Office frequently shows up during Apple press conferences.

I worked for MS, and have friends in high places at Apple as well. If you are expecting to see XCloud on IOS, that is a serious gamble. Good luck to you on that, because I hope I am wrong. The most you will see is some kind of remote play capability directly off of the console similar to that on the PS4. Office 365 is a special instance because of the market dominance in the Enterprise desktop market - if it weren’t a necessity, Apple would not support it