Microsoft Portfolio Team Review of TLOU2

Interesting to see that Some Microsoft employees play all of Sony’s first party games and then give reviews of them about what they are doing well and not doing well for their internal use.

Not sure why this is all coming out from the Epic and Apple lawsuit, but it is.


You have to expect them to do their research. If they take gaming seriously like the other major pillars of business, they would have played all the games.

And this would be only true of Xbox and MS btw. MS likes to be well researched and they pride themselves for it. Usually, all their other major divisions are well researched. This need not necessarily be a core trait of the others though like Nintendo and Sony.

Expect them to further create teams that research even more deeply in gaming. I have read about their User Research teams that are actively involved during gameplay mechanics.


This doesn’t surprise me, if they want to be industry leading they have to know what the competition is doing well and how to surpass that expectation.


does not surprise me MS is doing extensive research in everything and since gaming has become a pillar this does not surprise me. Intresting how they view the gameplay.

I’m actually surprised the review is better written than most actual reviewers.

Like it’s genuinely really well written.

My personally gripe with naughty dog games is, I don’t like the gunplay/combat and I just don’t find the games fun to play sadly.

But I can definitely see the appeal of the games, especially with a casual audience that just wants to relax with a cinematic experience, their games definitely provide that.

Edit: Plus, who is leaking this stuff? Seems a little odd.


I wouldn’t say Last of Us games are really for relaxing, though, aha. They are tense, unnerving games, I think. Particularly when you play on a higher difficulty with less resources.

Public documents as a part of the court case between Epic v Apple. These would be support docs for Epic.


Same here. Extremely talented studio obviously, but some of these things completely kill the fun for me. I played (and finished) Uncharted 4 and TLOU remastered on PS4.

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I’m about 3/4 of the way through the game, and honestly this review pretty much summarizes how I feel about the game. It’s frustrating that there are a number of things that non-Sony games get dinged for that this game gets a pass on, Seattle’s barren downtown area basically mirroring Gears 5’s open sections, and there are some very standard Sony game/ND “problems” apparent (control lag, aiming clunkiness, inventory management, etc.) that I have come to accept but am acutely aware any time I play them. That said, I have been hooked on the story itself and it’s one of the few Sony games that I personally feel live up to the hype of the storytelling and production quality that is so often regurgitated among the gaming media and community alike. Even rarer of a title from their studios for which the gameplay problems don’t drastically affect my enjoyment, like God of War or The Order (both games I’ve recently finished as well).


I threw towel in once I hit Madagascar on uncharted 4, I was so close to throwing it in when I was in Scotland, but I just couldn’t take it anymore at the point.

I was just bored out of my mind, huge shame as I found the characters and dialogue interesting.

But I just wasn’t having fun at all with the gameplay.

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I thought the climbing/exploring was fine, and obviously the game is absolutely gorgeous. But the combat/shooting was atrocious (same with TLOU), and there’s WAY too much of it imo.

I finished those 2 games for the story mainly. I can’t say it wasn’t a chore. Really not sure why these games get such glowing reviews, they’re games, they are supposed to be be fun first and foremost lol

I’ve seen a lot of flack towards that review because they said that the gunplay is not good (which is truth but whatever) I guess people are ignoring how glowing the review is in general because being an annoying prick is a lot more fun than saying “hey, the MS team admires a lot of stuff about TLOU II”


They’re a bit harsh on the gunplay lol

I mean, I haven’t payed Last of Us 2 yet, but Uncharted 4 easily has the best gunplay of just about any PlayStation exclusive out there, so I can only assume Last of Us 2 improved on that or at minimum kept it.

But yes, earlier Naughty Dog games had very mediocre gunplay. Uncharted 4 was the first time I could classify it as “good”. Prior to that it ranged from bad to acceptable.

To be honest though, from a third person shooter perspective, Fortnite has them all beat and it’s not even close.


MS in no way should copy PS exclusives from a gameplay view. I’ve always found them mediocre and average from a pure gameplay basis. Well Bloodborne was incredible.

The gunplay is fine. Not as solid as Uncharted, imo, but an improvement over LoU1. Frankly, I don’t come to LoU for the gameplay mechanics, aside from stealth. The story is obviously the draw.

Ten hours in to the game, been playing very regularly to make my through it so it’s fresh in my mind: the criticism on the gunplay is absolutely apt. There are a number of criticisms that I’ll be discussing in the PS OT when I’m done (still thoroughly enjoy the game), but the gunplay is the one thing that keeps coming back as a problem because of its frequency. Also… Uncharted 4 has “good gunplay”? I know you’re a Fortnite nut, but there are plenty of TPS with much better gunplay than anything ND has created (it’s arguably one of their biggest development weaknesses).

I have finally read the review and bar it being short - probably because it is meant as a quick reference for execs etc - it is actually very well written, insightful and really does highlight how poor the majority of game journalists are when it comes to their reviews.

I did find it especially funny when they pointed out the gunplay of ND’s games as being subpar, which I agree with 100%.

Uncharted gunplay is fine with auto-aim on. But I also literally just play those games on easy to cruise through the stories and set pieces. Haha

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That actually is really interesting. It is really odd that this somehow(?) has any relevance to the EPIC v Apple case tho.