Microsoft: "No plans to change Xbox Live Gold" at this time

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Microsoft didn’t say “at this time” Windows Central added that.

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lmao came to post this as soon as I saw it, yall quick af So yeah, kind of a major bummer tbh. I mean, I’m on PC lol but looks like console folks gotta keep paying for a while at least

Haha, the most PR of PR answers. I do not think this really changes anything we have been speculating about on the forums. Changes are imminent, removing the option to buy 12 month memberships would not be done lightly.

This is rapidly turning into another Xbox PR blunder. Whatever it is they are doing they need to just announce it. The mess if they aren’t actually removing the online charge is going to be immense now. They’ve removed the 12 month sub for a reason but if it’s just it make live more expensive…

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I think they announce it very soon.


I think they’ll make the announcement in their own time. They’ve started the xCloud roll out countdown, the movement of Halo to F2P, etc. A lot of the anticipation and hype comes from fan theories and speculation based on the available facts on hand, but MS has surprisingly been able to keep the strategy close to the vest (even after having Geoff “Blabber Leaks” Keighly host their event).

I think an announcement is coming sooner, rather than later and the statement released is a bunch of nothing. “No plans to discontinue” is not the same as “No plans to not charge for it”.

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XBL Gold staying as a named entity is best case scenario IF it goes free. Would be much better than just erasing it entirely. Hoping this is the case.

I feel like this happened to them last time too. Last gen (current gen) they had really good consumer-friendly plans for Family Sharing but that required once a day internet check in to avoid piracy, and the downsides of that plan got leaked prematurely. We all remember the never-ending backlash that created. To this day the narrative even among Xbox fans is that there was some ‘no used games, always online required’ policy for X1 that never existed. That all became the zeitgeist because MS didn’t wanna come out to clarify things and present stuff in the right context.

Tbf to them, that is not a good position to be in! Ya go thru the effort to make sure the stuff is ready to get marketed as part of a whole, broader strategy and then suddenly it gets flipped around and ya gotta choose between coming out to announce it before you are ready or letting it fester.

Let’s hope this here isn’t gonna turn into something similar.

The halo MP being f2p was only announced because it was spreading all over the internet anyhow. I bet they planned that to be part of their Lockhart blowout, where they focus on the value proposition and pricing elements of the platform.

I believe in @tomwarren. I feel like we just have to wait until the end of the month to know the real truth.

Even Jeff Brubb said something along 1 month in regard to changes to Xbox Live Gold. Not sure if he meant 1 month for the changes to apply, or news about theses changes. There is too much smoke of it to be nothing.

This makes me feel like they’re not doing free gold now, this seems like they’re trying to stop people expecting it. Little late though.

Completely agree with you on this. Heck, we still don’t have the MSRP for the consoles, nor do we have official confirmation of Lockhart (Series S).

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[/quote] Just like how fable account didn’t exist…:new_moon_with_face:

Have to say that if you are making live free why even make this statement? It’s very odd to say the least. Xbox really do seem to shoot themselves in the foot. Paying for online is completely and utterly at odds with their strategy BUT if they were not planning on doing so they should have shut down all these rumours immediately. By letting them grow then releasing this statement it’s just a bad bad look. Do they think things through? If you let people build up hopes for this and seemingly nod and wink at it towards your strategy then just announce it and do it. But if you aren’t doing it - squash it very quickly.

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I don’t the Xbox Live infrastructure is going away. You still need the online schema and fabric to continue the services. They said they didn’t plan to discontinue Xbox Live Gold. But that doesn’t address if it’s going to cost anything. One of the enduring strengths of playing Xbox online is Live.

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Statement from Klob

Well said, @Klobrille. I still feel like it’s going away by the launch of Series X.

Yup. I bet all that was intended to come all at once in terms of them doling out info. I’m hoping the whole Xboxing Day thing isn’t revealed prematurely in piece meal leaks beforehand.

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