Microsoft is finally fixing the Microsoft Store on Windows

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According to The Verge, Microsoft has finally seen the light regarding the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and 11. In the The Verge article it’s reported that users will be allowed to freely install games in any folder they want, with unrestricted access. This move will also allow WIndows 10 and 11 users to freely move and mod the files.

These changes should be part of an entire set of changes coming to the Xbox app, which is currently being tested internally at Microsoft.

scoop: the Xbox app on Windows will soon let you install PC games into any folder, access those folders freely, and mod games. No more install headaches for Xbox Game Pass for PC games, or lost disk space🙏 full details here:

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) November 11, 2021

In the past few years, ever since Microsoft launched Windows 10 in 2015, users have been reporting issues with the Microsoft Store. Installations would fail, game files would corrupt and various uesrs have reported not gettng any disk space back when removing games. No release date has been giving for this update, but Microsoft has confirmed working on changes to the Xbox app.


Sounds like the Xbox App is getting a bit of a revamp and this is part of one of the changes. The change is very much needed.

About time

They are/were missing out on so many PC game pass subs because people simply didnt want to deal with that store

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i haven’t had issues with the store in a long time, but this is very good :+1:

Thank goodness, finally I can stop hearing about how buggy and bad the PC store is.

I find it funny they call it a scoop when that info was already shared on B3D and here. :laughing:

At least they verified it with their own sources and got confirmation by Microsoft/Xbox.


This took some time. Lets see if it really fixes all problems. MS doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt here.

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Great news. I’d be surprised if these changes weren’t led by Xbox. This will be very important for courting more PC gamers to GP.


Yesterday, I uninstalled Nier Automata to make space for Forza, the game uninstalled but the files remain on the drive and that 40 gb of free space that I had to get is just there as useless debris unable to clear, just tucked away in the Windows apps folder behind god awful DRM, which might soon be less of an issue due to ability of accessing the local files for modding. Hopefully that means you can access the files for all games instead of just the ones that MS deems supports mods.

This store still needs a lot of work but I guess progress is slowly happening, fortunately. All this is great news!

this does address the biggest issue with the app/store at least. Yes, other problems exist but this is one that they get lambasted for.

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