Microsoft Game Stack Live - August 3rd, 2020

I am excited to see whats next for gamestack. Being a developer, seeing the tools and what you can do with them to create a great experience is always awesome to see. And of course… XCloud news.


Do we know what’s being covered during this?

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I have no idea. At least it’s tomorrow so not long to wait.

I’m hoping to see more about the xCloud tools. They have the API for Cloud Aware so hopefully they show more of that in action across various games to show how XGS games are utilizing it.

After playing some games on xCloud, I think they have to find a way to make games pleasant to use on smaller screens. And I’m not talking about the controls, but about the text sizes, button prompts and overall visibility of stuff. Really depends on the game, but some games are just not as fun to play due to these things.

Yes, it’s up to the dev to enable that. What I’m hoping for is that @XboxP3 can communicate to Matt Booty that the 1st party should strive for having touch controls and accessible UI for stream able games. It’s the only way that mobile games will work nicely. This is a change for all developers will have to go through this generation as mobile becomes more important.

Agenda below

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yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. And they are talking about EXACTLY what I wanted. Perfect.

Looking forward to the xCloud talk. I’ve played a demo with pedals on the screen on Forza Horizon and thought it was pretty neat

I’m interested to see if they talk AI capacity on Series X or if it’s just Azure

Most likely just Azure.

Definitely watch this :smiley: Looking forward to it!

Was about to tag you to see what we might be seeing here

AI session seems to be about using games to advance AI research. I don’t expect them to talk about new tech stack.

its starting now

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There’s gonna be something cool today with this (xcloud). :slight_smile: