Microsoft Flight Simulator - Xbox Series X|S Announce Trailer (coming Summer 2021)

Summer 2021. Not on Xbox One it seems?


That’s a while away. No XB1 probably for the best looking at how Cyberpunk has turned out.


Lmao they probably saw Cyberpunk on base consoles and canceled the Xbox one version right away

As early that console dies the better.

Also the reason why they did this i presume is the primary audience is pc anyway so they wouldn’t be losing much on Xbox one sales or game pass, while also not being hindered by that dogshit cpu

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Not one? I hope streaming happens on Xbox one. I am not sure if Series consoles will be in stock by summer.

They saw Cyberpunk on 2013 Xbox One and said, fuck that. LOL.

Better off anyway. It’s a new generation and Flight Simulator looks amazing with great tech behind it so no reason to downgrade it on Xbox One.

I said Summer 2021. I finally got a prediction right. Yay me.

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If the Xbox One version is not coming, then it must have been brutal on the old system lol.

Better do that also with Halo Infinite on Xbox One.


Seeing how it decimates my PC running on Polaris GPU and an i9, I’m not at all surprised. Should be applauded honestly; especially if they’re going to be pushing xCloud to Ones eventually. I’ve never been one to say games are held back by supporting last gen but two facts are true when discussing that subject: some games are simply impossible on the Xbox One architecture, and removing target platforms can greatly reduce the burden on dev teams (and can greatly improve optimization efforts).

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I’m in favour of crossgen with most games but Flight Sim would fucking throttle the OG One and One S and likely even the One X. It’s CPU heavy and even getting a stable 1080p 30fps on Medium Settings in cities on my RTX 2060 Max Q and Ryzen 7 4800. I am astounded they seem to be doing 4K on Series X at at least 30fps. It is super impressive.

Like, it’s the damn world with technically no loading screens with real time photogrametric objects (which look great up high, magic a bit gone up close which is why we won’t get a Forza game like that for a while), real time weather painstakingly recreated, real time traffic, and now seemingly fauna, and several aircraft modeled down to the last stitch in the furnishing.

If Asobo can pull off a One port they are technical wizards with alien technology who should be bought by MS for $25 billion. I don’t see it happening.

And no, I don’t think crossgen is holding games back, I just think if you can’t port it back, don’t.


I remember playing MS Flight Simulator X back in the day with the real time weather feed.

Took off from Heathrow on a sunny afternoon and arrived in Scotland in the dark and with it pissing it down. Then phoned my mum in Scotland to tell her I had arrived in Glasgow airport and how disgusted I was with the weather. She offered to come and pick me up until I had to tell her it was just me in my game. lol

Yes please for the love of God.

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Halo Infinite and Microsoft Flight simulator aren’t even in the same hemisphere as far as resource requirements. Flight Simulator is a beast of a game to run on pc. If you somehow managed to get a 3090 if you are playing on ultra settings at even 1080p you aren’t getting 60 fps, let alone if you are playing on 4k or 1440p.

Halo Infinite is nowhere near as demanding of a title. There are plenty of things you can do and scale back to get halo infinite to run on xbox one. Which just wouldn’t be applicable to a title like Flight simulator.

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Looks outstanding. This is more like it

Next Summer … uggh. Had hoped for sooner, but what can you do

Will be great! Also nice to see the Xbox One being ditched, i hope that’s a trend.

Xbox One has no chance of playing this game. It takes a pretty decent PC to play it comfortably

next year’s birthday present, just have to get the mrs to let me spend $1000 on a yolk and the works

I’ve personally said August and I stand by it. :triumph:

I can see August more than July so I’ll agree with you.

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Yeah like Cyberpunk 2077…