Microsoft Flight Simulator Review Thread (94 Metacritic, 93 Opencritic)

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Can’t wait to play this, once it comes out on the Series X. :pleading_face:

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Port it to Xbox, instant 90 meta Xbox exclusive



Do it

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Matt and Phil at Asobo right now


Lowest score so far is an 87 (out of 15 reviews). Impressive!

My 2080 Ti + 8700k are ready!!! Can’t wait to try this one, that’s next gen!

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The serve of the century

Well, that’s a success. Lol.


Never played a Fligjt sim since the mid 90’s but my god I am so excited.

Got my first gaming PC two years ago and I’ve loved the better performance over my console but do find myself going back to the Xb1X all the time for my friends and ease of the UI etc, but this is going to change it all flying around America (I’m from Manchester UK) is something I beer get bored of in real life so Vegas, Texas here I come and the Uluru which was amazing landing spot in Aus.

So pleased for MS they have a classic on their hands

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I think this belongs here…


Great to see the positive reviews so far!

Prior to release I’d have held any bet Gamestar Germany would rate the game below 90% and lo and behold, they gave it 87%. No surprises here!

good for microsoft/ xbox and Absobo, I hope they buy them. Plaque tale was amazing. pardon my spelling

So glad I picked this for Fantasy Critic. Congrats Asobo!

Fantasy Critic??? Where can I sign up? OtherEra league is closed for the year, but I can start one here next year if there is interest.


Game needs more sad dads. Maybe with dlc they can have a 747 full of them. :smiley:


Please do!

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Next gen has arrived.

Congrats Asobo and MS. I never doubted you.