Microsoft Flight Simulator also launching on Steam - VR support coming later

  • VR Support coming later this year (HP/Microsoft headset first)
  • IR Tracking support (which tracks your head for more immersion
  • Steam launch simultaneous with Game Pass/Windows 10 - August 18th
  • DLC and free world updates coming
  • No date for the Xbox version yet
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Smart move, this is a game that won’t be leaving the Steam top 10 for a while. Between the fact there’s a surprising amount of sim enthusiasts on PC, there’s also the fact this is gonna be one of the best looking and most demanding titles out there, serving as a useful benchmark for anyone in the next years building a PC.

I’ll have to remove some games from my drive to install this…

And my CPU will cry.

Yeah, 150GB free on my SSD. Where am I finding that? Lmao.