Microsoft Earnings for 2021, Q1 - The Xbox Rises


This has to be driven by gamepass, right?

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Net income from Microsoft was 13.9 billion in the past quarter, Bethesda acquistion is paid off.

Just an absolute monster of a company.


Take your ‘facts’ and common sense elsewhere please, we all know Xbox needs that Playstation money, :grinning: :wink:


My wallet says yes. At this point, GP is a no-brainer for any Xbox owner, I don’t miss spending £60+ on a game.


The acquisitions are going to come hard and fast, at some point, Xbox is going to invest billions each year into content as their subscriptions hit critical mass just like Netflix


Next acquisition target: Sony. :rofl:

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They are quoting strong 1st and 3rd party sales too. I think it was a very good year for them, with multiple million + sellers, despite they being on gamepass.

Hahahaha. To be perfectly honest, if Apple, Amazon and Google do in fact succeed and Sony has problems with the upcoming generation which is very possible, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Microsoft acquire Sony in the next decade.


B-but but but Xbox HAS to put Bethesda’s games on PlayStation. How else are they going to regain their money?


I’ll love to see it just for the total meltdowns elsewhere :grinning: .

Sony have already outsourced game streaming to MS via Azure, they don’t have a cloud platform which holds up to Azure, Google or Amazon (AWS).

I’m concerned. Without the Playstation money which the ‘gaming media’ insists Xbox needs, Xbox may not survive. Series S|X pre-orders cancelled. :grinning:


It would be very interesting if Microsoft were to decide to void their contract with Sony in regards to Azure down the line.

Doubt that would happen, MS are getting things from that deal as well, like access to Sony’s image sensors:

I tweeted that Business Insider article (about Microsoft’s weekly net cash flow equaling about $1 billion and rising) to all the journalists and “influencers” stating as much. Received a lot of blocks that way. It’s a shame seeing how much the rhetoric against facts/expertise has permeated so many corners of society. Wonder how this makes those individuals feel :slight_smile:


I agree. That would be hilarious though if it did happen.

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Hell yeah, I’ll get the popcorn! :popcorn:

I’m amazed how gaming media is so terrible with hyperbolic reactions. Well I guess its not that perplexing, most of them are just fanboys that grew up to write about video games.


Same here, I’ve gotten blocked several times on Twitter just for trying to use logic in my arguments.

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Blocked for stating facts. I should be surprised, but its 2020, so, I’m not, sadly.

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