Microsoft Closing Some Beloved Studios

It’s moment like this that makes me want to remember the words of a person who is in the field first hand that goes like, “You don’t know shit.”


Hopefully they aren’t stifling creativity to chase trends for profits.

Looking forward to see what game comes from this studio.

Yep puts a bad taste in my mouth… Rest in piece tango…


The article clearly mentions that this studio has been operational for a while. It’s just now publicly announced as a new studio within Activision. Not even remotely connected with the studio closures.


Looking at my wording, I realized that’s the take. My mistake. I meant it like last time, there were 4 studios shutdown. Today, we have new one. Nothing like “We killed 4 to birth one.” My apology.

That said while it was under construction for a while or not, the acknowledgment means gaming gained one and number don’t lie.


They have essentially three distinct publishing arms. Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, and Activision Blizzard. even with AB they are really two publishers and not just one. Each publisher has their own studios and those studios have their own internal targets/budgets to hit. It’s easy to look at it as “one” but the realities of business dictate that every dev has to operate like their own company and not lose money.


Please, stop being rational, it doesn’t fit the negative narrative around Xbox!


Switch is 141+ at least 50 from the PS and 25 from Xbox and counting those Numbers are wrong. It is growing not as fast as mobile and that can be a problem on itself but I also remember when Xbox strategy was to give us TVs and other devices to Run xcloud such as a stick, they scrap it all for multiplatform, it is their strategy although they couldnt even follow their vision because of ABK, lets see if it pays up.


Mate, when people talk about growth, the switch ‘may’ outsell the PS2 in its total lifetime ‘might’ happen; that is not what companies talk about when they want growth. We are talking about a period of 24 years.

There is a reason everyone talks about MAU’s now, I’m not sure why this is such a weird sticking point like Sony, MS are all lying to us saying the industry has contracted on hardware but their are other avenues to persue.


I was recently wondering how many copies of HFR sold on the PS5. And then I thought to myself, “I honestly haven’t seen much advertising for it”. I wouldn’t be surprised if it struggled in part due to marketing.

At the same time I do think the console gaming industry, led by the PS5, isn’t interested in unique games anymore. You’ll find people most interested in unique games to be on the Xbox, PC, and Switch. If HFR was available on the Switch (likely not due to hardware constraints, would have been a great Switch 2 launch title) I do think there would have been a lot of excitement for it.

I think as fans of competition and of what Xbox offers, much of our disappointment should be focused on MS preferring short term numbers over long term brand building and profitability, but I do think failures in marketing and growth with PC Game Pass need to be identified as deficiencies in their Xbox business.


I saw four Hellblade 2 commercials last night…

… on the RiffTrax channel on PlutoTV. I thought it was odd, but hey, the RiffTrax fans sure know about Hellblade 2 now.


That’s awesome :+1:t2:.

I can’t say I ever watched either of those but atleast some are now seeing commercials.


I still haven’t seen a single ad. I asked my nephews who use shit I don’t like TikTok, but nothing.


Good to see, Glad the game will continue to be playable in perpetuity.

That’s cool :sunglasses: I used to be really into Rifftrax back in college. My screen name on the forum was “Minnesota”, I even contributed some jokes for the Batman and Robin Rifftrax. Good times :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with Phils words move stock markets, but the same can be said for Sarah Bond shes going to be the person that’s going to be Phil’s successor, there silence or dodging certain questions can also influence a stock market, it’s a bad timing with these studio closures, your building hype around for showcase that should be one for ages but it’s tainted because of studio closures.

Gamers and the industry are so fickle, it’s already last weeks news.


It’s not even fickle, it’s just a hobby so it can’t dominate your mind for that long because real life shit gets in the way and means so much more.


Said for years that everything surrounding gaming other than the developers and companies that own platforms is nothing other than amateur

The media are just jumped up fans with a platform, YouTuber/influencers are exactly the same.

Nothing about it is professional.

Fair play to Xbox Era at the least they have a stance not to use click bait thumbnails and titles of videos

But 99% of it is just total childish bollocks