Microsoft and Samsung have a special partnership for Xbox Game Pass on Android - The Verge

So you can still buy dlcs via the standard Xbox android app ? QoL I guess.

Even still, for whatever reason your typo got me thinking…in terms of aggressive market strategies I hadn’t thought about the possibility it could be front and center on Windows PC’s, but there is nothing really stopping MS on that front. Wonder if they would go that route.

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They already had or have that kind of deal when you buy an AMD CPU or GPU. 3 months of Game Pass PC if I remember correctly

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I wonder if they are allowed to do that. I can already see the EU case coming.

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No they already to that kind of stuff if you buy a CPU or GPU from AMD (at least they did as the deal is gone now).

Samsung has a virtual event in early September during IFA (European show) where they usually show off some TV news and other device stuff, so it’s possible we could hear something then about an app for smart tvs. Otherwise we probably wouldn’t hear anything before CES in early 2021. Their event is 3 AM EST on Sept 2nd I think.