Microsoft and idtech 7 future?

One of the lesser talked about benefits of the Zenimax buyout is that MS now owns the idtech 7 game engine.

Doom Eternal has shown just how good this engine is, and considering Zenimax didn’t allow any third parties to use it, there is alot of scope for MS with this engine.

They will have to change it over from Vulcan API to DX, but after that I’m sure this engine will get handed out to the other MS studios. Imagine if 343i had idtech to use instead of slipspace?

Would MS want to make idtech a third party alternative to unreal? Would it benefit MS to do this?


Id Tech is top tier black magic but I doubt that everyone is going to use it unless they somehow wean all the devs who Unreal onto it

That being said I imagine Bethesda’s and Id’s technology wings are going to be a huge benefit to a lot of Xbox devs, including 343i

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I’m not super familiar with this, was Bethesda using it on non-Doom games? And were they licensing it out outside of Bethesda?

i can see 343i implementing parts of idtech 7 into slipspace would definitely help out and perhaps improve the graphic department of that engine

rage 2 used the engine i think

Personally I think instead of porting it, move on to id Tech 8 and create it from the ground up supporting DX12U.

A strictly next gen engine that doesn’t need to be ported to the Switch and so on.

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Wolfenstein and Evil Within too

Oh really I knew about wolfenstein but not evil within

i checked, only the 1st one is straight up IdTech

EW2 used a custom engine based on it, so…Xbox might have another engine on their hand :sweat_smile:

Ah ok

This engine is definitely going to be a huge plus for tech to share

More about time to have the X(box)-Engine. You got gamestack, direct x12u, havok, azure ml and so many studios with knowledge and talent, preserve it for the future in a engine. A modular based game engine that is easy to use also and licensed for indies, user content/mods… just sayin…


I agree. I think this gen they should get the studios together and brainstorm an engine to ween many of them off of Unreal (if Tencent is going to be a bigger competitor in future) and maybe even Creation if the new updates still don’t fix the foundational issues with it. Make something as accessible as both while really leveraging the power of the Microsoft tech.

Id Tech, Forzatech, Arkane Engine, Creation (if fixed) and Slipspace are all cool on their own. They are in house engines.


I also forgot simplygon and github. ^^ But yeah they have so much tech inhouse and it just keeps growing, especially with machine learning/deep learning there is amazing stuff ahead. Auto generated animation, human like voice generation… ninja theory plays around a lot with research, trained an ai to play the objective in bleeding edge, minecraft now test around with the new network tech to get 1k player on one server.

I don’t say one engine to serve all, there is time where it makes sense to do your thing. But i still feel like they now reached a point of tech, research, cloud and studios that it could actually be a big plus longterm. Water shader from Sea of Thieves for example, the open world streaming from forza tech, there is really a lot of tech gold these studios create and could be benifitial for future projects, even more for the smaller second teams each studio seems to create. Play around and keep the engine growing with assets/functions/shaders etc.

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Rage 2 uses Avalanches Apex engine.

Microsoft should open source idTech to not sour a relationship with John Carmack.

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From what I’m being told the Id tech isn’t suited for large environments (Halo, open world games etc)

That being said an ODST sequel on IdTech would be bananas

Different engines have different strengths. 343 isn’t going to switch engines. They’ll continue to iterate on their engine because it’s important that Halo feels like Halo. It’s also a different focus in terms of AI, sandbox and size of environments. Choosing an engine goes beyond graphics. What’s interesting is that these devs have access to multiple tools and can pick and choose what works best for them in a given situation. Unreal is still the most versatile and one of the big advantages you have using Unreal is that AAA developers throughout the industry are familiar with it which I assume helps with outsourcing and scaling up contract work. Microsoft’s studios also modify the Unreal engine to their needs. I do like the suggestion that Microsoft take all the knowledge and talent behind these tools and keep iterating to become more versatile.


Id makes a full ODST sequel on Id Tech 7, full co-op, like Republic Commando

They could make ID Tech 7 part of Game Stack no?