Microsoft-Activision-Blizzard Discussion Thread

Because they choose to ignore the other ones they own. There are plenty others Microsoft could do more with

And only COD is a pretty damn valuable only

CoD is definitely huge and the biggest ABK franchise but I see it from the perspective of putting all their eggs in one basket, whereas Blizzard’s games yeah might be less huge individually, but there are more of them. WoW, Overwatch, Diablo, and are also building new franchises.

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It is a very tough choice indeed. That’s why ABK is a huge get. COD + WoW + Candy Crush

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COD and candy crush are just behemots on their own and while blizzard has lots of fantastic ips and teams dont think MS will pick them over the other 2.



Yeah it’s literally a full package deal

Wait…one or two people actually voted for King??? SMH lol

What are you gonna do people love Candy Crush

From a profit margin perspective isn’t King the biggest winner? So if they could only buy one and got them, it would help fund more games without being as big of a expense on development resources.


Alvaro Bedoya just got confirmed as the FTC’s fifth comissioners, lets see what this means for the MS-ABK deal…

Hope with this, we can see a response faster wheter it is a “no” “negotiations” or a “confirmation”

He is highly likely to go after Apple and Google more.

And oil companies according to what Chuck Schummers wants, but we shall see. The only thing I hope from this is for a faster procedure of the review and to hear something from them soon.

That guy was mostly advocating for consumer privacy and data collection.

I do wonder if Xbox is actively trying to be as bland and quiet as possible because of this acquisition.

Not necessary. Negotiations take time.

Even ABK deal - despite being very very fast - took some time.

It’s been almost 4 months since the announcement. Bethesda took 5 or six months to get approved so imo July would be the earliest unless concessions were made

I also think that starting July, we will have more probabilities of hearing about the deal. (worst case scenario, regulators only say something in june-july next year :grimacing:) But you also have into account the difference in size and scale of the deal, the situation ABK was/is found in and the difference in regulators compared to that time and you get a lot of uncertainty.

FTC is relatively busy. Microsoft estimated that from July till the next June the deal will be closed so there is no point to count months for now.

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It would suck if they delay it.

Bethesda took 5 months 2 weeks and 2 days to CLOSE / COMPLETE. Approval in the US was before that. There were other regions which took a little longer to process.


Oh yeah you are right! It was EU the last one (like a month before I think?) who gave the thumbs up to that acquisition.

Then we may probably hear something from US way before this year ends!