Microsoft acquires SmashGG

Microsoft Haß acquired Smashgg

They state it on their website

After Beam it is the next entry to Social gaming



I’ve never heard of it before, and it makes no sense why they acquired it. Let’s hope this isn’t another mixer moment.

It appears to be an esports tournament/league hosting platform. Probably a better fit than Mixer as they don’t need to funnel a ton into it, and they can leverage it to grow the scene for Halo, Gears, AOE, Doom, Quake, SoT, Killer Instinct, etc.


I would like to see MS lean more into ESports, so this could be cool.

This. They try to get access to Streamers/esports. Don’t know how big Smashgg is

Never heard of it…


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A couple of months ago smashgg said they were almost out of money and might go bust, so it might be more of a we don’t need them, but may as well, from Microsoft. I imagine they were very inexpensive.

Plus theres a lot of synergies with azure and also things like playfab, microsoft wants to touch every aspect of gaming so it makes a lot of sense thinking about it.


A lot of interesting moves from Microsoft, I wonder what they are planning…

Still no MS announcement. Smashgg just low-key put an announcement on their website and that’s it. Very weird announcement.

wow, I didn’t know how much funding got, it has gotten $14M of series A funding in 2016/17, that’s more than I would have guessed that a company that was focused solely on the smash community would raise

yes, it’s very strange

Usually, Microsoft reveals the acquisition

Maybe will be used in some way in the PlayFab to give more value to the platform.

Thinking about this more, Mixer had a lot of pretty unique audience interactivity tech behind it, if they incorporated some of that into smashgg they could offer a really neat white label event streaming service with audience interactivity. So during a sports event the audience could idk vote on who the best performing player was and it would update some on screen elements or something.


Smash is coming to Xbox!

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This is one of those weird Microsoft buys. I guess Microsoft is interested in the e-sports space but Gears and Halo haven’t reallt blown up the e-sports scene.

Maybe they are keeping it under MSN so its more neutral? like sony/nintendo might not be ecstatic about having a live stream with xbox branding on it, but this way its separate? Or maybe it is just an MSN play