Metroid Dread Reviews (88 OC/88 MC)

Reviews for Metroid Dread are out!

OpenCritic: 88 MetaCritic: 88

Eurogamer: Recommended “A stylish, visually sumptuous return for 2D Metroid, and an adventure that proudly sits alongside the series’ best.”


Yeah MercurySteam might just be Nintendo’s next acquisition if they ever do one.

Inb4 I just saw that the parent company of Avalanche, Nordisk Film owns 40% of MercurySteam. Hmmmm


I have a feeling that this will be the case soon. It’s acquisition season after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to play this, game looks great! :gimme:


I want to wait for a switch pro but this game makes it harder for me.

I love Metroidvanias thanks to Metroid & Castlevania the best type of game for me.

This Metroid Dread seems incredible looks like it will be a GOTY contender. Hopefully with such success we’ll get big AAA metroidvania games in the future.


Now that Metroid has come back, it’s time for Castlevania to do so as well. The metroidvania genre needs a massive revolution.


Wait I’m gonna make a call!



Man I can’t wait to get my copy Friday

It already has been through a revolution. And Metroid/CV haven’t been part of that.

I’ll check it out at some point. I’m sure its amazing but I can’t justify 60 bucks for it just yet.

40% are owned by Nordisk. Complicating things

I don’t see why Nintendo would acquire them.

But I’m surprised we haven’t gotten switch port for Lords of Shadow.

It’s not complicated, xbox buys Avalanche and mercury stream and then Nintendo joins Xbox to get metroid forever.

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Nintendo doesn’t need mercury.

Let’s be real here. Mercury have done well for nintendo. But they aren’t on Retros Level. It just makes more sense to give the bigger budget project to retro. Retro made the DKC games. They could easily do a 2d metroid.

You don’t understand, I meant another one because I believe the genre has stagnated a bit (also because just how many indie games go the route of being yet another metroidvania), and needs a further evolution.

But I agree, 60 bucks is a lot to ask for this. Nintendo gon Nintendo

I was being sarcastic

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Can’t wait to get into this tomorrow night. I’m pre-loaded & ready to go. Will watch episode 4 of Foundation & then it’s on.

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This game feels incredible

POst your impressions whoever has it. Interested to see impressions. I’ve heard the soundtrack isn’t good but gameplay is top notch.

Game feels incredible

HArd as balls though lol



Sounds fuckin’ awesome! I’ll get my copy in a few hours! :gimme: