Metro Exodus next gen versions confirmed for 2021 (Free Upgrade)


nice! gimme more free stuff

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Was thinking of buying the game on the current sale but now I can wait a bit and play the best version.

I was going to do a playthrough of the DLC but I will hold off on it now. The ray tracing is very good in this game as well.

Doing the same with Witcher 3 dlc.

Magic! I’ve actually been playing it again after buying all the dlc in the Black Friday sale. The game loads in no time compared to the One X. Looking forward to the update.


I hope it is 60 FPS. Ray tracing will be something else in this game. I’m still amazed by how beautiful it looks. And I really liked the slow pace/open world approach. But the controls are tanky and harder than it should be. I hope it improves with this next-gen patch ! I can’t wait !

Nice! Metro Exodus was one of the first games I saw showcasing Ray Tracing on PC and it was amazing.



Best implementation of RT in game yet👍

May check this out, I didn’t like the Metro Last Light but wanted to try Exodus although apparently the console versions ran like ass. Same issue with Control, although I’m glad that 4A is giving us a FREE upgrade unlike Remedy/505 cucks.

I played it on the One X and it ran fine.

Oh amazing. I was playing on Pc gamepass due the RT, but ended up not finishing it.

It’s not playanywhere but I’m willing to start over on the console when the update hits

The loading times were enough to put a lot of people off. Didn’t stop me though.

I’ll finally finish this one, the aiming is just so bad at 30 fps.