My remake of the Halo 3 city Megaton. My hope with Megaton was to make something bigger and more interesting as a map than my previous creation - the large crater gave me an opportunity to play around with the terrain options and the winding pathways make for an interesting circular map with all routes enclosing on the bomb in the centre. I’m hopeful it should make for some chaotic rounds as people snipe each other from across the map or run across rooftops to diverge on the power weapons.


I perhaps WILDLY underestimated how difficult this map was going to be to make - with Goodneighbor I expected everything to be budget intensive as there was some fairly complex building designs that all required a lot of little pieces to work together. Megaton is a lot simpler in many ways - but the irregular buildings, the size of it and details such as wiring and signage across the map started to add up pretty quick. I’m relatively happy with how this turned out though, I think the lighting perhaps hasn’t come together as much as I hoped (I have more to learn here) but there was a lot of little details I’ve been able to achieve here that I had to sacrifice from Goodneighbor (like signs and wiring) that I’m glad I was able to include.
The most important thing I learned in the making of this (and the information I think will help others) is this: Sleeping bags. They are very very useful. Go look at the sleeping bags. I think there was some developer oversight here.

Also I am probably going to take a break and actually play some other stuff for a change, my backlog has been growing and Pentiment calls - but I’m toying with the idea of making a night version of this map so that might come sometime in the future and I’ll update this map if it needs fixed anywhere.

wow. you made it! looks really good!

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This rules. I’m sure my memory sucks but I could have believed these were screenshots from the game. Textures and lighting feels right and the layout is so familiar.

Thank you!

Thanks! I’ve had the game open in my laptop for weeks while I work so I could get it as close as possible - I’m so far just really glad forge can even make stuff like this. I’m excited to see what other people do with it as time goes on.