Media remote works on SeriesX/S, they hid the ir sensor in the sync button!

Very smart design. Im happy I dont have to buy another media remote.


Nice, my Harmony remote should work just fine then.

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So I have a firestick that’s doing my head in now. We only use it for Disney+, however my wife hates the Xbox controller. Could I programme a firestick or Roku remote to use with the Xbox? If not what’s a cheap remote you’d recommend peeps? :grin:

Fucking genius move.

So rapt both my Harmony and Official Media remotes will work as is.


Yeah that’s pretty neat! I assume my Samsung remote will keep working with Series X.

My cousin was very happy to hear that! hehe

Wow those engineers are wizards!

the samsung tv remote works like a charm with the xbox

Will my Bose universal remote work with this? lol

Room for a dGPU under any other buttons maybe?

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Noice one. I don’t know why Xbox didn’t just add HDMI CEC. PS4, etc does it. It’s the one thing Xbox are behind on software wise.

HDMI CEC has been already confirmed, no?

Phew. Saves me having to buy a media remote as I’ll just use my TV remote then, like I do for all the devices I’ve bought in the last 5 years. :rofl:

Any remote that works with the xbox one will work on SeriesX/S.

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I recommend the Xbox officially licensed Talon remote from PDP. Mine cost $20 from Walmart a couple of years ago. You can find them new on ebay for $20-$25. I love mine & so does the wife. They’re also making a newer media remote for the Series X launch that’s slimmer & doesn’t have all the buttons(number pad & few others). Ships 11/5 for $20.

As someone who is prone to unconsciously open and close the battery compartment on a remote control, the Talon remote has been awful - it became loose super fast and now basically slides off at the slightest motion on the controller even when you don’t want to. The official remote I had earlier (the small one) never had that problem to a meaningful degree and my Sony tv remote is built in such a way as that never becomes an issue (because you actually need to push a button to detatch the battery bit).

No idea if anyone else cares about such things, haha.

Not a problem on mine & my wife & 2 kids have been using it too.

Nah, just hoping Xbox can catch up with the PS3 with technology and have HDMI CEC implemented. Much preferable.

You’re in luck.

pretty happy just got a Talon.