Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

Link here

While exploring our options, we saw the potential to fulfill a longstanding dream of Piranha Games. To simultaneously ship across multiple platforms, including delivering a modern MechWarrior title to console gamers worldwide. So after much consideration and debate, we have decided that moving the release date of MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries DLC Heroes of the Inner Sphere to Spring 2021 is the right choice. This will allow us to fulfill that dream and more. We are excited and proud to announce that now, in addition to playing MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries on PC, it will also be available on the XBox Series X|S and XBox One. This will be the first MechWarrior title on a console since 2004’s MechAssault 2, and in our opinion, the first true MechWarrior experience ever on a console.


New Mechwarrior? Oh hell yeah. That’s probably the closest we’ll get to a Mech Assault 3!


Oh that’s rad.



:boom: :boom: :boom:

@Staffy, see! The wait is a bit less pronounced already!



I and my pop are both hyped for this.

I loved Mech Assault 2 on Xbox man, I miss it.

But is this a Xbox console exclusive? I don’t see a mention of PS.

Ohhh! Good question. PS didn’t even cross my mind.

The ip is Ms’ (kinda, apparently it’s a mess).

Back then they allowed Piranha Games to use it with the condition they wouldn’t release on any console. But I guess allowing to launch on Xbox wouldn’t hurt, but since it’s a non Ms developed game I imagine it can go either way for other consoles

Piranha Games was just acquired the other day by some company. Forgot the name though.

EG7, they mentioned it in the post.

Okay. I didn’t click the link. Seeing the name of the development studio, it simply popped into my head that they were acquired a few days ago.

I’m soooooooo happy to see this! I’ve been a mech fan since mech warrior 2 on pc

Never played a mechwarrior game. Is this a Japanese game or am i mistaking that with another game?

The Japanese equivalent when I played Mech Assault on Xbox was called Armored Core.

Yeah that’s a FromSoftware title. Loved that series as well. They also did 360 exclusive, Chromehounds.

MechWarrior used to be too slow paced for my liking, but I still liked it. Controls were complex but I overcame it. But now that I’m older I’m now craving that sort of experience.

Wasn’t the Xbox version Mech Assault vs PC Mech Warrior? I don’t recall the Xbox being slow paced (well, maybe compared to Armored Core!) But I remember the PC version was.

Was Chromehounds the Xbox mech game that came with it’s own HUGE controller?

Nope. Steel Battallion

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Ahh! That’s it. Thank you!