Mechwarrior 5 DLC 2 : Legend of the Kestral Lancers Announced

Mechwarrior 5 Legend of the Kestrel Lancers Expansion Pack has been announced.

Adds Melee New variants Biomes And story


Are the dlc on gamepass do we know?

No. You have to buy them. First dlc added a lot of content.

Correct the dlc doesn’t come with gamepass. However free updates come along with each dlc.

For instance

Melee and mech switching is a free update when this dlc comes out.

Also if you are playing coop with one person who owns the dlc… you can play the dlc content


I tried it ages ago and it didn’t feel great, like a story mode for MWO, has the base game improved at all?


First dlc fixed alot of things.

Melee and a few more qol stuff in this update should probably make it alot better.

Plus the mod support for it is on point

It’s a great game. Learning curve is a bit steep (just watch a couple videos on youtube), but it’s pretty fun trying new mechs and weapons, roaming around with your AI mechs and destroy bases and ennemy mechs.

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