Maximim Gridiron - Oldschool

Now published. Maximum Gridiron. A Remake of Quake 3s DM17 'The Longest Yard'

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DM17 comes to Halo infinite with a blend of Old School AFPS mayhem!

Working Health Pick ups, shield resistance Pickups, Ammo pickups and a Quad Damage.

Movement Speed is increased to 140%, jump height lowered and player gravity slightly increased. Shields do not regenerate and health pickups must be obtained to heal to give that old school AFPS feeling.

Pick ups on the map X18 33% Shield (HP) Regen + 5% ammo refil X5 50% Shield (HP) Regen +7% ammo refil HP pick ups also add a small amount of ammo to equipped weapon due to scripting limitations

X2 25% Shield Resistance (20 second duration, does not stack if both are picked up) X3 25% Ammo Refill for Equipped Weapon.

X1 DoomFruit (Quad Damage)

  • 4x boost to, grenade, explosion, melee and direct damage - 20 second duration.

Weapons on Map I have tried to keep most weapons the same as the original and also added a couple extra due to halo having much different gameplay and TTKs

X2 Rocket Launcher X1 Cindershot

To help with halos power weapons being far too OP without shield auto Regen, explosive weapons have a damage reduction of 45%

X1 Needler X1 Disruptor X2 Battle Rifle X2 Bulldog X1 Sniper Rifle X1 Plasma Gun (weapon modification, AR and Pulse Carbine) X4 plasma Grenades (2 on each base) X1 Dynamo Grenade

Known Issues with scripting

  • Very occasionally a HP pick up will bug and not allow you to pick up, all others work as intended.

Any feedback and recommendations are welcome. Enjoy.