Max Payne, Red Dead Revolver and more added to the old Xbox marketplace

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Eleven games from the original Xbox were added to the old marketplace, including some Rockstar classics like Max Payne, Manhunt and Red Dead Revolver. This is the first time that the old storefront is updated since June 2019, when the last batch of backwards compatible games was made available before the team started focusing on the next-generation consoles.

The full list of games added is as follows:

  • Dead or Alive
  • Dead or Alive 2
  • Dead or Alive 3
  • Manhunt
  • Max Payne
  • Max Payne 2
  • Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee
  • Red Dead Revolver
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars
  • Star Wars: Episode III
  • Thrillville

There has been some activity involving older games lately. As we reported just a few days ago, 2003’s Arx Fatalis was recently rated for the original Xbox in Brazil, 19 years after its original release.

Once again, all those recent listings do not confirm anything — but it certainly adds even more fuel to the discussion surrounding the possibility of new backwards compatible games potentialy being made available for Xbox’s 20th anniversary, especially when there is a special event just around the corner.


So it’s possible that leaked list either didn’t have all the new BC games being added or that list was just false.

Either way we only have 5 or 4 more days to go!

The original Max Payne brings back so many memories. I’m hoping for some awesome backwards compatible announcements.



Would love to see Manhunt be BC and get optimized for Series X. A great cult classic!!!


Oh yeah lets go Max Payne 1-3 and Manhunt come on


Reminder: those are new listings. Max Payne 3 always had a listing since it was released back in 2012, so there’s still a chance it might be made backwards compatible alongside 1 and 2.


Please be added these would all be awesome :pray:


i will riot if all of this leads to nothing on the 15.

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Dead or alive never came to OG xbox. Neither did DOA2. Unless it’s Ultjmate which is a remaster of both.

DoA 1+2 were released as DoA Ultimate on OG Xbox which included both games.

I never understood why Max Payne 1 and 2 were never made BC

Well 2 maybe because it had that “Late Goodbye” song in the credits but 1 and 2 got re-released on that ps2-ps4 program years ago so not sure why they never came to BC on xbox


Yeah I know that’s what I said. But they were never released separately. So this should just be ultimate.

I think they can easily separate the two with a new digital listing, consider those games were only physical, so they clearly have renegotiated the rights with Koei Tecmo. I can see a bundle for the two and the separate downloads. The cover on the marketplace is the Ultimate one.

Max Payne 3 please

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Don’t make me hope for a Max Payne 3 4K patch or FPS boost. That would be overkill !

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I hope they can add Halo 1 and 2, like the 360 ones, those games need to be preserved, MCC ones are modern ports, moreover based on pc ports, so different games altogether.

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Max Payne 1, 2 and 3 being announced at this anniversary event would make the whole thing for me tbh

Dont even care about seeing big new stuff, give me those and i’ll be more than happy


If Max Payne 3 is coming to BC and you want to get all achievements, I recommend to start with it soon. Server are closed in December.

That’s true, but they were on two separated discs.

I’m excited to give the classic Dead or Alive games a shot, feels like DoA played a huge part of the original Xbox’s marketing in Japan.

A lot of these titles I already own on Steam and they worked pretty well or with mods. If they get discounts I might replay max Payne.