Mausoleum was designed to feel nostalgic/familiar yet new and refreshing at the same time. You’ll find that the layout is similiar to Halo 3’s The Pit overall, but many areas have been updated or modified completely. From an art perspective, I wanted the map to feel reminicent of some H2 & H3 forerunner locations with a mix of aged stonework, overgrown foliage and weathered forerunner metal. This was designed with HCS settings in mind, but plays well with modes like FFA and Fiesta as well. It’s still a work in progress and I’ll be updating it to add a lot more foliage throughout the map, update textures once they’re fixed, and also to support bots. I hope you enjoy and please dont hesitate to give feedback. Thanks!


Fantastic work! love the visual design, I really enjoy seeing a twist on a classic map design. Looking forward to future updates, but great as is. I’ll definitely run around with some friends and play this, if anything funky sticks out I’ll be sure to let you know :+1:t2: