Mass Effect continues

Figured I make a thread for the new mass effect game

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So watching this live I thought it was Starfield at first but then I realized it wasn’t and got sad but then my excitement levels rose again once I realized it was a Mass Effect sequel to the trilogy! can’t wait for this but it’s still a long ways off, hoping Bioware gets it right this time and also EA better give them all the time they need.


I’m scared they’ll screw it up in some way or another. Now they have to have a canon ending.

I would have preferred a sequel to andromeda.




My thoughts exactly. I’ll give it a chance, obviously, but would’ve preferred if they left the original trilogy as a finished story & continued to move forward with Andromeda 2.

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Obviously they were too afraid to do solely a Andromeda 2 because of the complaining about no reference to main trilogy besides a audio log from Liara

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I have been burned too many times. I hope it turns out good, but that will have to be a happy surprise someday, not going to follow this nor DA4.

So the last Bioware game I really enjoyed and played through a few times was Dragon Age Inquisition, I also enjoyed Andromeda and probably would’ve liked it more if it didn’t had Mass Effect in the title, it’s a little hard to explain but it wasn’t what I really wanted out of a Mass Effect game, going to another galaxy and starting over wasn’t a bad idea but the execution was horrible, I think the game wasn’t bad in terms of gameplay but world building and writing sucked, if Andromeda’s story would’ve been received well we probably would’ve been looking at a sequel to Andromeda now but I’ve been wanting a sequel to ME3 for a long time now so I’m that this is what it seems to be.

A sequel to Andromeda could’ve worked as well IMO if they went at least 100-200 years after the events of Andromeda where planets would finally be colonized by the Milky way species and they have discovered other clusters but I personally am happy it’s not Andromeda, the Milky way after the reaper war sounds way more interesting to me.

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Well to be fair, there were more links to the original trilogy in Andromeda than just Liara’s audio logs. There was a whole side quest that directly connected to the events of the Reaper invasion & tied into the new story, while leaving a mystery to continue into a possible sequel.

But yeah, you’re probably right. They probably listened to the complaints of a loud section of the Mass Effect fanbase on social media, which is a bit sad in my opinion.

Andromeda moved on from Shepard & the Reapers, while leaving a connection to those events, while building very solid foundations as a soft reboot to continue the franchise in a new direction. I think a part 2 could’ve been something special.

But like I said, of course I’ll give the new game a chance.


So down for this!

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see the point of BioWare/EA doing this. It’s years away, we already knew during N7 day and Dragon Age is coming first, of which they also showed CGI.

On top of that comes Andromeda not exactly being great (not trash though, those calling it trash were exeggerating) Anthem…well…and two important people recently leaving. That’s not a guarantee that things are going downhill but I just can’t have full faith in this just yet.

Someone hold me



I wonder if it’s 2 games, 1 game that has both, or Milky Way with a DLC or codex of what happened in andromeda

I’d hate to see the andromeda arc unfinished. It was already bad that the quarian arc was a book instead of DLC

I’m scared of the backlash of having one ending canon. I’m also scared they could just put reapers again or something like it or the tons of fan service that might not make sense just to please fans. I would rather see more of the kett, angara, remnant and whatever else is in andromeda. Much more potential IMO and if they screw up again its not as bad as screwing up the Milky Way.

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Well I think it’s too early to worry about that, sure another game in Andromeda could’ve worked well, they just needed to make it at least 100-200 years after Andromeda so the Milky way races finally settled but I think there’s just as much potential in the Milky way as in another game in Andromeda, it really depends on if Bioware they can get it right, it’s too early to be worrying about any of this imo.

Since there hasn’t been a bad Mass Effect game IMO, I expect that will enjoy this next game too. It may only be good game though with no chance of being a great one because they may choose a sycophantic, by the numbers story designed to win back all the folks who feel like Bioware has “lost it’s way with the series”

I pretty much have ZERO faith in Bioware to do anything good with ME or Dragon Age and think if they both flop that studio will be shut down. MS should have bought them when they had the chance

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I’m willing to give them a chance, it is true that they had a rough gen ( except for Dragon Age Inquisition ), but it doesn’t mean that it will stay that way everytime. They have a chance to bounce back and prove themselves again, and I hope for them they will manage to do that with Anthem Next, Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

I so hyped for all this!

Bioware created my two favourite gaming franchises in Mass Effect and Dragon Age and I still believe they have the potential to create something amazing again. I don’t trust EA though. If only theY were a part of XGS