Marvel's Avengers Review Thread

The reviews for this game are slowly starting to come out. As the servers only went live on September 1st, most outlets are doing a “review in progress”, so the scores will probably change throughout the next few days.

Opencritic: 75 (based on 33 reviews)

Metacritic: 72 (based on 17 reviews)

XboxEra (8.8)

Despite a rocky reveal Marvel’s Avengers is a fun, and gorgeous game that is a blast to play both solo and with friends. Featuring a campaign with emotional heft and multiplayer that is built to last, it is an easy recommendation for any fan of either the genre or the source material.

Game Informer (8.75)

Developer Crystal Dynamics delivers a powerful superhero showcase that taps into each Avenger’s unique abilities to light up the battlefield in thrilling ways, but when the dust settles, it slows down to show a softer, human side that is every bit as engaging, placing a character you wouldn’t expect in the central role.

GameSpot (Unscored - review in progress)

The single-player campaign is full of character moments that tap into the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s take on the Avengers, with lots of beats that feel like they could have been lifted from deleted scenes in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War.

IGN (Unscored - review in progress)

Played on its own, this campaign is actually a seriously good superhero brawler. Jumping between different Avengers to strike back at A.I.M. is nearly always fun, with each hero feeling thematically distinct and generally well used (except Thor, who is undoubtedly fun and charming, but just sort of… there, story-wise).

GamerHeadQuarters - 9 / 10
Gamers Heroes - 85 / 100
Worth Playing - 8.5 / 10
Heavy - 8.5 / 10
ShackNews - 8 / 10

Much better than expected so far, but I’m still packed for the rest of the year. This month alone already has stuff like Serious Sam 4, Hotshot Racing, Touhou Luna Nights and the massive timesink that will be the Amalur remaster, on top of f2p titles like Spellbreak and Diabotical, with even Tony Hawk tempting me.

Love Crystal Dynamics’ output so I will definitely get this for the campaign eventually.

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It really is a good game. It’s interesting how reviewers who normally hate GAAS like this game. What I’d say though is that the loot system is the main weakness. Just doesn’t feel very satisfying. Campaign also a little long winded at times. Overall a lot of fun to be had.

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Played about 3Hours so far of the Story, really enjoying it so far!

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Here’s XboxEra Review done by @Doncabesa :

Tell me about it. I’ve been rotating between Avengers, Tony Hawk and Tell Me Why now, and had to put Battletoads and Wasteland on hold. It is also crazy how I only paid for two of thos five games!

It does seem like reviewers are seeing Avengers as two separate games, and it seems to be a consensus that the campaign is very well done. About the loot system, it got better for me after the story was done. I think I got two or three legendary gears on a single mission with the Hulk while playing on Easy. I also feel that my power level is going up by at least 5 after every mission, so it feels rewarding to me!

Your’re in for a blast! It took me around 18 hours to finish the campaign.