Marvel’s Avengers Also Has Exclusive Content Locked to Specific Phone Providers

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Looks like Square Enix is carving up all parts of this game for extra exclusives $$$. If you aren’t into gaming I guess the pull of the avengers name would make you pay in for something.

Is there going to be anyway to earn everything made for the game?

What a shabby business model

Holy moly, it gets worse!

What an awful business practice Square/Crystal are using here…

If this game looked good, I’d be pretty pissed but what they’ve shown so far has looked really poor so I wasn’t interested in buying this, but if I was, this sort of shitty practice would change my mind and take my money elsewhere.

I can see why darrell gallagher left and wanted to build a studio with xbox. Square is turning out to be a shitty publisher. For a game like avengers being a Gaas it’s very fragmented now. Not something you want to do with these types of games

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It’s a big license to have. Wonder if they are trying to claw back some of the money they may have spent to get it, or if they have just seen the possibilities for a cash grab? Either way it’s not a great look.

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Money money moneyyy… MONEEEYYYY

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Yes they are. The Avengers license doesn’t come cheap and SE has to maximise their investment and boy are they doing just that.

Not gonna touch this game with a 10 foot pole.

Spiderman aside I’m guessing most of it is cosmetic items? Which personally I can take or leave. Don’t get me wrong it sucks for anyone really into the game and wants to have all the content but personally it’s not going to be a great loss. The Beta impressions are making it sound average at best as well, I would have liked nothing more than for this game to be fantastic but I think for now I’ll wait on it and see how it progresses over time with their service model. Although with the money grabbing before it’s even out I’m not hopeful.

I’ll wait and see exactly what’s exclusive (and if you can obtain them later) before fully judging, but jeez. This is a whole new level.

So to 100% I have to have a PS4, Verizon, and Virgin Media (which is UK only)? Jeez, I’m playing the beta to get the Fortnite items and then never touching this game again.