Management and Simulation Developer 'Kairosoft' Announces 5 Games for PC and Xbox Consoles, Available September 15

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Developer Kairosoft has announced that they will be releasing 5 of their simulation and management games on Xbox consoles for the first time ever. Featuring full cross-save and cross-buy support, players can look forward to playing these games on the 15th of September:

  • Game Dev Story – A game about running your own game development company.
  • Dungeon Village – Run a town for adventurers to journey in and out from.
  • Dream House Days DX – You are an architect and a landlord in this dream house building sim.
  • Station Manager – Run a train station and build it to be the best in the land.
  • Hot Springs Story – Build and run the #1 hot spring attraction in the world.

Have a gander at the announcement tweet below as well as a gallery of screenshots across these titles. This author personally recommends ‘Game Dev Story’, a fun game about running your own developement company and see what the industry could be like with your input—from a time when mobile games were enjoyable and not just money + time vampires.


Kairosoft games on Xbox🎆



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This may not seem like much. But it is another Japanese developer looking at Xbox as a platform. Which is always a good thing, wish they had a bundle with all 5 together


These games actually aren’t all that bad. Game Dev Story is one of the only mobile game i’ve ever bought. They’re simple but pretty fun.

Im not sure about buying them at $11.99 though… They’re half the price on the mobile stores.

I thought I recognized the developer and sure enough they made Game Dev Story. I played this a ton when busing to work.